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Movies From the Silent Era

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and THE BIG TOWN (1925)

SQUARE SHOULDERS starring Louis Wolheim and Junior Coghlan. Tad is a young boy who wants to go to military school so he can grow up to be a great soldier, just like his dad. Little does he suspect that Slag (Wolheim), a bum and a thief, is actually his father. Slag, not wanting to reveal his true identity and thus destroy Tad's belief in his father as a war hero, robs a factory for the money to send his son to a fancy military academy. I order to stay close to Tad, he takes on a job at the academy's stable. This is a truly wonderful film with elements of comedy and drama. It's a moving tribute to the love between father and son. This film is presented with the original music and effects score as it was when released in 1929.

THE BIG TOWN starring Our Gang. This is a very rare and unusual early entry from the Our Gang series. After accidentally burning down a neighbor's barn and getting trapped on a freight train, the gang find themselves in New York City. They decide to see the sights and the film shows many of the city's landmarks including the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge. After taking over a city bus for a wild drive through the streets, the police finally catch up with them and send them home. The return journey, this time on a passenger train, gives the gang a nice opportunity to cause mayhem for their fellow passengers!

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and I DO (1921)

Hooray! Harold Lloyd on DVD!
GRANDMA'S BOY starring Harold Lloyd, Anna Townsend and Mildred Davis. In this, Harold's first feature film, he is a coward. He's afraid of the bullying rival for Mildred's affections, he's afraid of tramps, he's even afraid of his own shadow. His loving grandmother takes pity on him and tells him the story of his grandfather (also a coward) who became a Civil War hero with the help of a magic charm which she gives to Harold. As long as Harold has the charm he's afraid of nothing! He marches forth to demonstrate his newfound courage in some of the funniest episodes ever in silent comedy! Original music score composed and performed by Ben Model!

I DO starring Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis and Noah Young. Harold becomes domesticated after his marriage and is soon seen walking down the street with Mildred pushing a baby carriage...full of bootleg hooch! When his brother-in-law drops off his kids at Harold's house, tranquillity comes to an end. Between his nephew sawing apart his furniture, nailing his shoes to the floor and setting off fireworks in the house, Harold has his hands full. At last, late at night, with the kids finally asleep...there's the burglar! Original music score composed and performed by Ben Model!


Directed by and starring William S. Hart; additional direction by King Baggott; taken from the story by Hal G. Evarts. With Barbara Bedford and Lucien Littlefield. "Tumbleweeds" was Hart's last film and it depicts, in exciting fashion, the opening of the Oklahoma Territory. Hart does some of his fastest riding in the scene of the mad race of the homesteaders to claim land in the Cherokee Strip. Includes a thrilling music score with effects and singing cowboys, but the highlight of our version is the eloquent spoken prologue delivered by Hart himself where he speaks about the glories of his career as a western star and describes, in his Shakespearean voice, how "Tumbleweeds" was made. At the end, he bids a moving farewell to his faithful fans .

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with SPOOKS (1931)

THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN starring Will Rogers, Lois Meredith and Ben Hendricks, Jr. This version of the famous story by Washington Irving was actually shot in and around the environs of Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow, New York. It's the story of a new school master, Ichabod Crane (Rogers), who falls in love with Katrina, the daughter of a wealthy farmer. This really annoys Brom Bones, the town roughneck, who wants Katrina for himself. Being the superstitious type, Ichabod believes in tales of ghosts and witches. He even believes in the local phantom, the evil Headless Horseman -- when he meets him one dark night! This re-mastered (October, 2007) version has improved contrast and puts an annoyingly misplaced intertitle back in its proper location. Original music score composed and performed by Ben Model!

SPOOKS In this sound cartoon, Flip the Frog and his trusty horse are caught outdoors on a stormy night. Seeking shelter, they come upon a spooky house filled with ghosts, skeletons and things that go bump in the night!

THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN What better to accompany "The Headless Horseman" than, well, "The Headless Horseman"? This sound Comiclor cartoon was released in the two-color Cinecolor process with very pleasing results. It does a wonderful job of encapsulating Irving's classic tale in only eight minutes time. Plenty of fun and spooky atmosphere!

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BIRTH OF A NATION (1915/1930)

THE BIRTH OF A NATION starring Lillian Gish, Henry B. Walthall, Mae Marsh, George Siegmann, Miriam Cooper and Walter Long. Directed by D.W.Griffith. This is Griffith's controversial masterpiece which, after its release, gave new life to the Ku Klux Klan and caused riots in the streets. One of the first films to demonstrate the influence and strength of the motion picture. Justly famous for it's powerful depiction of the Civil War and justly infamous for it's depiction of black Americans. This version, running just under two hours, is the very rare 1930 sound re-issue with music and effects personally supervised by Griffith. The DVD also contains a rare sound re-issue trailer.

See below for our special edition of the original 1915 release!

Six great silent shorts on one DVD!


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APRIL FOOL (1924) starring Charley Chase, Blanche Mehaffey and Noah Young. It's April 1st and everyone at the newspaper office is having fun with April Fool pranks. Charley, being the victim of most of them, tries to get even. This is a great film filled, naturally, with lots of sight gags. Long thought to be lost, our transfer is made from the only original print known to exist! Original music score composed and performed by Ben Model!

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CAUGHT IN THE RAIN (1914) starring Charlie Chaplin, Alice Davenport and Mack Swain. In this, Chaplin's first effort as a director, a drunken Charlie falls for another man's wife in the park. The other man, Mack Swain, is none too pleased when Charlie follows them home and it turns out he lives right across the hall. During the night, the wife walks in her sleep and winds up in Charlie's room! Chaplin's influence as a director is evident in this Keystone film. While there are plenty of laughs and action, the pace is not as frantic as the typical Sennett fare of the time. Original music score composed and performed by Ben Model!

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RECKLESS ROSIE (1929) starring Frances Lee and Billy Engle. In this naughty little pre-code short from the Christie studios, the beautiful Frances Lee, a show girl, is hired to model lingerie at a local fashion show. She is entrusted with a revealing teddy, the new creation and the pride and joy of the lingerie designer. All goes well until the jealous rival of the designer steals the teddy! In addition to being a very good comedy, this film really pulls out the stops. It uses every excuse to show off Frances and her beautiful friends as scantily clad as possible. Guaranteed to raise your eyebrows! Original music score composed and performed by Ben Model!

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SMITHY (1924) starring Stan Laurel and James Finlayson. After being discharged from the army due to a bean shortage, Smithy (Stan Laurel) is hired as a house builder. The problem is he knows nothing about building houses which he quickly proves by destroying everything he gets his hands on. His former sergeant (Finlayson), is the unfortunate victim of most of his not so little accidents. When Smithy is mistakenly left in charge, he manages to actually finish the house. All that's left to do is remove the last supporting beam...Original music score composed and performed by Ben Model!

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SOLD AT AUCTION (1923) starring Snub Pollard and James Finlayson. As a baby, Snub is left abandoned in a basket on a stranger's front stoop. Twenty five years later, he's still living in the basket! Snub gets a job helping an auction house sell off their merchandise. They have a large selection of brass knuckles and blackjacks. Snub's job is to demonstrate how these handy items are used -- on him! When Finlayson goes on vacation, Snub and his pals accidentally sell off his furniture. Now Snub's job is to get it all back. This film is absolutely hilarious! The action is almost impossible to describe! It's jammed with comedy, stunts and amazing special effects for the day. A real winner! Original music score composed and performed by Ben Model!

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WAR FEATHERS (1926) starring Our Gang. The gang, having a great time playing Cowboys and Indians, are traveling west. Unknown to their parents, they sneak off the train in Hot Dog, a western town full of the real thing! When they find themselves in the middle of a gun fight, they hide in a covered wagon which brings them to Whistling Clam Rancho - the bandits' hideout! Original music score composed and performed by Ben Model!

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THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME (1923) starring Lon Chaney, Patsy Ruth Miller, Norman Kerry and Ernest Torrence. Chaney is Quasimodo, the unfortunate deformed bell ringer of the cathedral of Notre Dame. He falls in love with Esmeralda, a gypsy dancer, after she takes pity on him and gives him water to drink when he is chained and whipped in the town square. Esmeralda is later accused of stabbing her lover. She is tortured into making a false confession and sentenced to be executed. Quasimodo rescues her on the very steps of Notre Dame! Original music score composed and performed by Ben Model!

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MY BOY (1921)
and PLAYERS AT PLAY (1929)

MY BOY starring Jackie Coogan and Claude Gillingwater. Directed by Albert Austin. Jackie Blair (Coogan) is a young immigrant on his way to America who is orphaned when his mother dies during the voyage. Upon his arrival at Ellis Island, with no guardian or relative to claim him, Jackie faces deportation. Learning of Jackie's misfortune from the officials, Old Captian Hicks (Gillingwater) takes pity on the boy and encourages him to play with the other children. When Jackie gets mixed up with a large family, he is accidentally released and finds himself alone on the city streets where he spots his "friend" the captain and follows him home. The captain isn't happy about his new guest and determines to return him to the authorities. That is, until Jackie's affection for the crusty old man begins to melt his heart. This is a lovely film and a great vehicle for Coogan. The sentiment and pathos you'd expect are here, but there are also liberal doses of comedy and action. Original music score composed and performed by Ben Model!

PLAYERS AT PLAY Here's a neat little short with more stars than you can shake a stick at! It's a "behind the scenes" film showing what some of the Hollywood stars do on their time off. We see Neil Hamilton boating, Robert Armstrong boxing, Junior Coghlan playing baseball, Phyllis Haver and Marie Provost playing croquet, Jackie Coogan swimming, Noah Beery fishing and Thelma Todd horseback riding! Original music score composed and performed by Ben Model!

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The spirited personality and charm of silent comedienne Mabel Normand and her work in numerous early Mack Sennett comedies is legendary. After a successful run of features for Samuel Goldwyn (and with a handful for Sennett) she took
a three year hiatus from films. Towards the end of Normand's short 35 years on earth, she returned to the screen in five starring vehicles for Hal Roach - these were to be her last appearances before a camera.

The first two of these five comedies were produced and released in late 1926 and were of unusual length for shorts (RAGGEDY ROSE is a five-reeler while THE NICKEL-HOPPER is three reels.) Displaying an interesting mix of soulfulness
and slapstick, it is these Mabel Normand "specials" that are featured on this DVD.

RAGGEDY ROSE (1926) The bedraggled Raggedy Rose (Mabel) has the misfortune of working for penny-pinching junk dealer, Moe Ginsberg (Max Davidson). A chance encounter with a wealthy playboy (Carl Miller) sets her dreaming of being a
grand lady to his prince charming - all the while sorting through mountains of old clothes on Poverty Row. Her dreaming leads to her dismissal. Forlorn and hungry - she meets with an accident and actually ends up convalescing in the posh home of the man of her dreams. But if she's to end up with him, she'll have to overcome his scheming fiance (Anita Garvin) and his loony butler (James Finlayson). Directed by Richard Wallace in collaboration with Stan Laurel!

THE NICKEL-HOPPER (1926) Overworked Paddy (Mabel) toils as a babysitter by day and a taxi dancer by night. Her drab life is forever complicated by the mashers she encounters at the dance hall (a swarthy Boris Karloff appears as a rather creepy one!) and her lazy and overbearing father (Michael Visaroff) who scares away any prospective suitors. Oliver Hardy appears as a crazed drummer in the dance hall band and James Finlayson as a rattled neighbor. Stan Laurel co-wrote the story and gags. Directed by F. Richard Jones.

Included as an "easter egg" is the Mack Sennett directed Biograph subject, A DASH THROUGH THE CLOUDS (1912) which features one of Miss Normand's most beguiling early appearances.

All original music scores composed and performed by Ben Model!

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This DVD contains five interesting and unusual films with Stan and Ollie. There are two silent solo shorts in which the boys are prominently featured (but without top billing) each performing hilarious sequences in drag! TREE IN A TEST TUBE shows the boys together in their only existing color film. There's also a brief home movie of Stan and Ollie together in later years as well as footage of Stan Laurel's Funeral.

CUPID'S RIVAL (1917) starring Billy West, Oliver Hardy and Leo White. Here's a rare treat! Billy West does his incredible "dead-on" Chaplin impersonation supported by a very young Oliver Hardy (billed here as Babe Hardy). Billy is the janitor and all 'round handy man at a rat infested hotel. Hardy is a starving artist who is so hungry he eats his own dinner plates! He suspects his girl friend (Ethel Burton) is having an affair with a rival artist across the hall and disguises himself as a woman to get to the bottom of things! West, meanwhile, drives everyone in the hotel crazy with his Chaplinesque accidents, stunts and gags. The film culminates in a wild chase and gunfight fueled by alcohol! The accuracy of West's Chaplin is truly uncanny! Presented with an old-time jazz music score.

EVE'S LOVE LETTERS (1927) starring Agnes Ayers, Forrest Stanley and Stan Laurel. Eve and Adam (Ayers and Stanley) are a happily married couple until a mysterious blackmailer threatens to give Adam Eve's love letters to an old flame. Anotole, the butler (Laurel), joins forces with Eve to get the letters from the blackmailer before her husband can see them. This is a fun situation comedy with plenty of gags and Stan masquerading as a woman of loose morals! Presented with an old-time jazz music score.

TREE IN A TEST TUBE (1943) starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Narrated by Pete Smith. This is a wartime film produced to promote wood conservation and is virtually the only existing color film featuring Stan and Ollie. Pete Smith encounters the boys on a quiet street and asks to examine the contents of their suitcase. As they drag out garments and personal belongings, Smith points out that everything they have has been manufactured, in some way, with wood products. It's a real treat seeing the boys in color and, although the film is brief, they find ample opportunity for a few gags! This film is essentially silent with the soundtrack consisting of music, sound effects and, of course, Smith's narration.

LAUREL AND HARDY (1957) starring Laurel and Hardy. This is brief home movie footage made of the boys in their declining years. Hardy, though lively, was quite ill at the time and his thin physique is a bit of a shock. He would pass away in August of that year. In spite of this, the boys appear happy and in good humor. The film was shot by Andy Wade, who was a teenage friend of Stan's. Sadly, Wade also died shortly after making this film. Presented in black and white, silent.

This is news footage from the funeral of Stan Laurel. Many of the stars from the past and present were in attendance including Dick Van Dyke, Buster Keaton, Patsy Kelly, Joe Flynn and Tim Conway (appearing in McHale's Navy at the time), Hal Roach, Jr., Pat Buttram and Alan Mowbray. Pesented in black and white, silent.

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LEAP YEAR (1922)

LEAP YEAR starring Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle. Fatty is a wealthy young man who falls in love with his uncle's nurse. He also has a stutter which afflicts him at times of stress. Unfortunately, Fatty deals with lots of stress when he finds himself engaged to three women at once, none of whom is the woman he truly loves! With plenty of charm and laughter, this is a great example of Arbuckle's feature work. This film, however, was never released due to the scandal that descended upon the innocent star and the resulting public outrage. Presented with an old-time jazz music score.

A CURE FOR POKERITIS starring John Bunny and Flora Finch. The screen's first beloved fat man, John Bunny, plays a
chronic gambler in this fun silent short from Vitagraph, with Flora Finch as his disapproving wife. Bunny comes up with an elaborate scheme to escape the house and join the poker game with the boys. All goes well until he talks in his sleep!
Presented with an old-time jazz music score.

TRILBY (1915)
and A HOUSE DIVIDED (1913)

TRILBY starring Clara Kimball Young and Chester Barnett. Produced in Fort Lee, NJ and directed by Maurice Tournier. Based on the popular novel by George Du Maurier. This is a drama with touches of the supernatural set in Paris. Trilby is an artist's model who is in love with a young painter, but falls into the clutches of the evil hypnotist - Svengali! Presented with color tints and an original music score by Stuart Oderman.

A HOUSE DIVIDED starring Marian Swayne and Fraunie Fraunholz. Directed by Alice Guy Blache. Also shot in Fort Lee, this charming little comedy from the Solax studio tells the story of young Mr. and Mrs. Hutton who have a falling out due to a mutual misunderstanding. They agree to continue living together, but will only communicate through (often insulting) notes. It takes the arrival of a "burglar" during a dinner party to bring them together again! Presented with an original music score by Stuart Oderman.

Wishing Ring.jpg (26958 bytes) Gipsies.jpg (38945 bytes)


THE WISHING RING starring Vivian Martin and Chester Barnett. Produced in Fort Lee, NJ and directed by Maurice Tournier. A charming little comedy which takes place in merry olde England, Sally (Martin), tries to reconcile the grouchy and gouty Earl of Bateson with his son, Giles (Burnett) who is always getting himself into trouble. Naturally, Sally and Giles fall in love. Together they venture out one evening and visit a band of Gypsies from whom they purchase a magical wishing ring! Presented with color tints and an original music score by Stuart Oderman.

A DAY WITH THE GIPSIES Produced in England by Hepworth Studios, this little gem is an early example of subjective camera in which the viewer becomes a character in the film. A band of Gypsies agree to take a traveler along with them on a day's journey. We stop at a tavern, fortunes are told and we pass through some breathtaking scenery of the English countryside. A delightful and unique treat presented with color tints!

Six great silent shorts on one DVD!


Luke.jpg (21771 bytes)
LUKE’S MOVIE MUDDLE (1916) starring Harold Lloyd, Snub Pollard and Bebe Daniels. Harold appears as Lonesome Luke in one of his earliest surviving films! Luke runs a movie house and doubles (or triples?) as box office attendant and usher. Snub is the sleepy and inept projectionist. Everything that can go wrong, well…goes wrong! Wacky stunts and comic panic are on the program in this fast moving comedy gem! Made from a superb print, this is the very best quality available on DVD! Original music score composed and performed by Ben Model!

Heavylove.jpg (24205 bytes)
HEAVY LOVE (1926) produced by Joe Rock. Starring "A Ton of Fun" ("Fatty" Alexander, "Fat" Karr and "Kewpie" Ross) with Lois Boyd. The "Ton of Fun" boys are three of the fattest, most inept carpenters who ever drove a nail through a skull. They get themselves a job working for a young lady (Boyd) and end up creating (and subsequently destroying) the wackiest house ever seen. This film is simply hilarious from beginning to end and has to be seen to be believed. It's full of amazing pratfalls, mishaps and terrific stunts. It's a wonder no one was killed making it! Total madness! Original music score composed and performed by Ben Model!

Soilers.jpg (19091 bytes)
THE SOILERS (1923) starring Stan Laurel and James Finlayson. This spoof of THE SPOILERS, released earlier the same year, is nearly plotless and features Stan and Fin in a crazy brawl (occasionally interrupted by a rather "swishy" cowboy) through practically the entire film! A real knockabout comedy if there ever was one - and lots of fun! Original music score composed and performed by Ben Model!

Hedid.jpg (17431 bytes)
HE DID AND HE DIDN’T (1916) starring Fatty Arbuckle and Mabel Normand. This is one of the most unusual "comedies" ever made. Fatty suspects Mabel is having an affair with an old school friend and strangles her in a fit of jealousy! A very dark film and daring for it’s time, it’s quite a departure from the usual Keystone fare. It is, however, a comedy. Let’s just say eating lobster before bed might give one bad dreams! Original music score composed and performed by Ben Model!

nonskid.jpg (22711 bytes)

THE NON-SKID KID (1922) starring Eddie Boland. Here’s a very rare Hal Roach comedy featuring a man who is nearly forgotten as a starring comedian. Eddie Boland is, however, one of those "familiar faces" who popped up in many supporting roles throughout his career (SUNRISE, THE KID BROTHER). In this delightful film, Eddie stops for gas at a service station that is run entirely by attractive young women. They’re running the station, by the way, to help out the owner who they accidentally ran over earlier in the day! Original music score composed and performed by Ben Model!

shootininjuns.jpg (22814 bytes)
SHOOTIN' INJUNS (1925) starring Our Gang. Another rare Hal Roach comedy in which the Gang, dreaming of being cowboys, embark on a journey to find real Indians to shoot. Along the way, however, they are forced to shelter from a storm in a novelty house intended for an amusement park! This film REALLY pulls out all the stops. It’s one of those great scare comedies at which Our Gang excelled. Not only is the house full of elaborate devices, but the film contains some of the most amazing special effects ever seen! Jaw-dropping even by today’s standards, this one should not be missed! Original music score composed and performed by Ben Model!

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DOCTOR JACK starring Harold Lloyd and Mildred Davis. Harold is a small town doctor whose kindness and homespun remedies endear him to the people of Magnolia Meadows. To cure an old woman of her depression, he summons her son (a busy lawyer) to visit explaining that HE is the cure. Delighted with the results and seeing his mother so happy, the lawyer refers Harold to a "sick little well girl" in the city who is currently being treated by a blustering quack. Soon Harold’s quick thinking and a brush with "Humpy Logan", an escaped lunatic, save the day! Music score arranged and performed by Jack Theakston!

CAPTAIN KIDD’S KIDS starring Harold Lloyd and Bebe Daniels. To celebrate his betrothal, Harold throws a wild party and has the hangover to prove it! When his future mother-in-law learns of the escapade, she calls off the wedding and takes Bebe on an ocean voyage to the Canary Islands. Harold boards a ship in hot pursuit and gets tangled up with a crew of female pirates! Music score arranged and performed by Jack Theakston!

Six great silent shorts on one DVD!


Muddled.jpg (31033 bytes)
MUDDLED IN MUD (1913) Starring Mabel Normand, Ford Sterling, Mack Swain, Edgar Kennedy and the Keystone Kops. A Mack Sennett comedy. Here's one of the most famous early Sennett comedies! Ford is dead set on marrying Mabel until another suitor arrives and proposes first. The new couple sneak off to be married in a rowboat to escape Ford's drunken frenzy, but Ford catches on to their plan and drains the lake! Action, gunfire, cannon fire(!), the Keystone Kops and lots and lots of mud! Original music score composed and performed by Ben Model!

Cops.jpg (21565 bytes)
COPS (1922) starring Buster Keaton. Not your typical version, this special edition of COPS includes all of the original titles as well as the often censored "goat gland" sequence! Buster’s girl gives him the air until he can prove himself to be a good business man. In the process he accidentally steals a family’s every possession, sets off a bomb and runs from every cop in the city. This is deservedly one of Buster’s most famous and beloved silent comedies. A real blast! Original music score composed and performed by Ben Model!

Wild Puppies.jpg (28249 bytes)
WILD PUPPIES (1927) Supervised by George Marshall. A true rarity! After the tremendous success of Hal Roach's "Our Gang" series, many of the Hollywood studios tried to get into the act with their own imitations, often with disappointing results. This little film from Fox, however, is very, very good! Levitsky's gang, for playing football on the bully's turf, are threatened with a good pummeling. Our boys, however, are not so easily subdued. They wage an all out war on their rivals that includes trench warfare (with vegetables), a home-made bomber plane, a blimp and a very large, very angry goat! Lots of non-stop action and comedy! It doesn't let up for a second! A real treat! Made from an original amber tinted Kodascope. Original music score composed and performed by Ben Model!

Oranges and Lemons.jpg (32083 bytes)
ORANGES AND LEMONS (1923) starring Stan Laurel, Katherine Grant and Eddie Baker. Stan is great in this early solo short! While working at a citrus grove, he manages to enrage his boss and everyone else! Fast moving and filled with great gags from beginning to end! Original music score composed and performed by Ben Model!

Bromo.jpg (21506 bytes)
BROMO AND JULIET (1926) starring Charley Chase, Oliver Hardy, Corliss Palmer and William Orlamond. Charley gets roped into playing Romeo in an amateur stage production, which is bad enough, but he must also round up his girl’s drunken dad and get to the show on time! This film is packed with terrific gags from beginning to end. It’s simply hysterical and certainly one of Chase’s very best silent comedies! Oliver Hardy is the frustrated cab driver. Original music score composed and performed by Ben Model!

Buccaneers.jpg (27730 bytes)
THE BUCCANEERS (1924) starring Our Gang. Mickey and the gang build their own pirate ship and prepare to wreak havoc on the bounding main. It’s a great plan until they launch the ship, which promptly sinks like a stone. To keep the gang happy, their pal, Captain Whalen, let’s them play on his boat – provided they keep it tied to the dock. When their dog (an early incarnation of Pete without the eye circle) eats the rope, they find themselves drifting on the high seas! This presents no problem for the gang as they start the motor and attack the U.S. Navy! Original music score composed and performed by Ben Model!

THEGENERAL.jpg (33989 bytes) Sundown.jpg (33340 bytes)

and SUNDOWN LTD. (1924)

THE GENERAL starring Buster Keaton and Marion Mack. Long prized by film collectors, this is the Griggs Moviedrome/Essex Films release. This version was justly sought after not only for its visual quality, but also for its wonderful sound track produced by Bob Lee in 1977. The track consists of a terrific Stuart Oderman piano score along with plenty of perfectly timed and appropriate sound effects. It's a real treat! Film prints of this version are still in high demand and command a high price on the used film market.

In the film, Buster plays a Civil War era railroad engineer who is not allowed to enlist in the Confederate Army since he's more valuable to the south driving his train. This doesn't stop Buster from getting into the action, however, as he foils a gang of Union spies single handed!

SUNDOWN LTD. starring Our Gang.  In this fitting companion piece to THE GENERAL, Mickey and the gang are having a blast playing in the railroad yard. After getting kicked out for taking a train on a wild ride, they decide to build one of their own. Their new dog-powered wonder is one of the most ingenious and elaborate contraptions ever seen in an Our Gang film! Jealous Toughy's continuous attempts to wreck it eventually send  the gang and their train careening through the streets of Culver City!

As a bonus, this DVD also contains Keaton's 1961 hidden camera TV show appearance in which he amazes the customers in a diner with a series of hysterical mishaps!

Felix with Camera.jpg (22568 bytes)


It's impossible to overstate the immense popularity of Felix the Cat during the 1920s. His films spawned the first merchandising industry ever based on a cartoon character. Felix dolls, clocks and gimmicks were everywhere. In 1928 a figure of Felix was the first image ever transmitted by television. Charles Lindbergh even took a Felix doll mascot along on his historic transatlantic flight!

Looking for a collection of great cartoons? Here's a full baker's dozen from Felix's heyday (don't worry, 13 is a lucky number for a black cat)! Many of these films have never before been released on DVD! Nutty, bizarre and even surreal, these reality-bending little gems are lots of fun. Vintage Felix at his best!

TEE TIME (1930)

Ella Cinders.jpg (23784 bytes) Cinderella Cinders.jpg (21948 bytes)


ELLA CINDERS stars the cute as a button Colleen Moore in perhaps her best known picture - which casts her as a modern day Cinderella, toiling in a household of persnickety, demanding insufferables. The film diverges from the original fairytale when she wins a contest to work at a Hollywood studio - a plot device similar to that of the Mabel Normand vehicle, THE EXTRA GIRL released a few years prior. The film contains several memorable setpieces including an encounter with a Native American (where she's forced to smoke a cigar and appear to enjoy it) another with Harry Langdon (clearly during the shooting of TRAMP, TRAMP, TRAMP) and the now famous eye exercise routine (via masterful camera trickery.)  

CINDERELLA CINDERS gives a rare glimpse of perky, frizzy-haired comedienne Alice Howell. This Reelcraft comedy has her playing a working girl who breaks into society through no fault of her own when asked to pose as royalty at a posh party. Spiked punch adds to the hilarity of the proceedings.

All original music scores composed and performed by Ben Model!

Mormonmurray.jpg (22300 bytes)


Starring Mae Murray, Frank Borzage, Hobart Bosworth and Noah Beery.Set in 1840s America, this film is an astonishing exercise in intolerance and bad taste. When the Hogue family are attacked by Indians, they are rescued by a group of Mormons. With their cabin burned to the ground, they join the Mormons to live in their Utah settlement - the borders of which are guarded, and the laws enforced, by the "Avenging Angels", four hundred oath-bound fanatics who dress just like the Ku-Klux-Klan.

Everything is just fine for two years but, after that point, things start going down hill.

Somehow resembling, with his remarkable beard, both Abraham Lincoln and the Wolf Man, the evil Mormom leader, Darius Burr, decides to wed the underage Dora Hogue (Murray), making her his fifth wife and child bride. Parental interference is no problem since the Avenging Angels have already killed her father and her mother blew out her own brains when the Mormons forced her husband to take a second wife.

If you're of the Mormon faith and easily offended, do not buy this DVD. Others should keep duct tape handy to prevent jaws from coming into contact with floors. Made from a gorgeous film source, this one is a real hoot!

Original piano score composed and performed by Stuart Oderman.

Wooly.jpg (24233 bytes) Sky High.jpg (23429 bytes)

and SKY HIGH (1922)

WILD AND WOOLY directed by John Emerson, story by Anita Loos. Starring Douglas Fairbanks, Eileen Percy, Sam deGrasse, Charles Stevens, Monte Blue and Bull Montana. Fairbanks is an Easterner in love with the West and when he finally takes a trip out west to oversee his father's railroad, he gets more than he bargained for. Lots of action and comedy. One of the best of the early Fairbanks features!

SKY HIGH directed by Lynn Reynolds. Starring Tom Mix, J. Farrell MacDonald and Eva Novak. A government agent infiltrates a band of smugglers who are illegally transporting Chinese immigrants across the US border. Shot on location at the Grand Canyon, there's action and danger aplenty as Tom tries to protect the beautiful Estelle without blowing his cover. The film's climax comes as Tom races to her rescue by swooping through the canyon aboard a biplane!

Original piano scores composed and performed by Stuart Oderman.


"...the most complex screen character of all the great clowns..." - William K. Everson

Presented with terrific music scores performed by Bernie Anderson on the Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ!

Often considered in the same pantheon as Chaplin, Keaton and Lloyd - Harry Langdon is practically forgotten today. For a short period in the mid-to-late 1920s he was a serious rival to the aforementioned big three with over twenty comedies for producer Mack Sennett, followed by three classic features for First National. The features are available on DVD from Kino as "Harry Langdon...the forgotten clown", but the Sennett films have been unavailable on DVD - until now....

This collection presents five of Langdon's best films from the Sennett Studios - showcasing his childlike elfin character in all his glory! All the films were directed by Harry Edwards - with writing by none other than the legendary Frank Capra. Each film features a magnificent Wurlitzer Theatre pipe organ score by Bernie Anderson, Jr. - which really brings these films to life. When played on your stereo, these rich digital recordings provide a near theatrical experience in your own home!

Feet of Mud.jpg (25977 bytes)
FEET OF MUD (1924) Harry dreams of winning the hand of his girl while benched at the college football game. After winning the game through sheer luck, her father gets him a job as a city street cleaner. Gags and chaos ensue as Harry makes his way from Times Square to Chinatown where he encounters sinister goings-on, replete with a Tong War!

Lucky Star.jpg (22130 bytes)
LUCKY STARS (1925) Advised by a stargazer to follow his destiny, wandering Harry (and his life savings) are taken under the wing of a medicine show charlatan (Vernon Dent). They settle in a Spanish town to ply their trade, but the local druggists' daughter has other ideas. Don't miss Harry's infatuation with a mug of beer!

Saturday Afternoon.jpg (25222 bytes)
SATURDAY AFTERNOON (1926) Henpecked working husband Harry is coerced by a dandy pal (Vernon Dent) to go out on a clandestine double date. Of course, no good will come of the situation, as they encounter streetwalkers, bumpy roads, and the former boyfriends of their dates. And just when things couldn't get worse, the wife shows up! A classic.

Fiddlesticks.jpg (22389 bytes)
FIDDLESTICKS (1926) Poverty driven Harry is compelled to learn to play the bass fiddle and become a musician. His teacher (Vernon Dent) and family forsake him, so he tries his hand as a street player.....with detritus thrown at him from every window he plays under. A junk man (also Vernon Dent) takes notice and enters into a bizarre yet highly successful partnership with Harry.

Soldier Man.jpg (30207 bytes)
SOLDIER MAN (1926) The Great World War is over - but nobody bothered to tell Harry - who is still wandering the front. After an episode with a cow and dynamite leaves him unscathed, he is nabbed by nefarious powers to be the puppet double of the King of Bomania!

Music scores composed and performed by Bernie Anderson!

Six great silent shorts on one DVD!


Lizzies.jpg (29342 bytes)
LIZZIES OF THE FIELD (1924) starring Billy Bevan, Sid Smith and Andy Clyde. It's all-out mayhem as team members from rival garages compete for a $25,000 purse in free for all road race! A great example of the Sennett studio doing what they did best. Crazy comedy, high speed thrills and breathtaking stunts!

Forgotten Sweeties.jpg (20745 bytes)
FORGOTTEN SWEETIES (1927) starring Charley Chase and Anita Garvin. Charley, the forgetful husband, discovers his old flame living in an apartment across the hall. This does not set well with Anita, his jealous wife, who decides she and Charley will move to a new home. The real fun begins when Charley finds himself trapped in his former girlfriend's apartment as her husband arrives home!

Pay Your Dues.jpg (27868 bytes)
PAY YOUR DUES (1919) starring Harold Lloyd, Bebe Daniels and Snub Pollard. While playing pin the tail on the donkey with Bebe and her friends, the blindfolded Harold is mistaken for a runaway initiate into the Ancient Order of Simps. The initiation ceremony he is forced to undergo is both painful and hilarious! Soon Bebe discovers Harold's plight as she and her friends rush to the rescue!

Why Girls Say No.jpg (19045 bytes)
WHY GIRLS SAY NO (1927) starring Max Davidson, Marjorie Daw, Creighton Hale and Spec O'Donnell. Story by Stan Laurel. Max wants his daughter, Becky, to marry a nice Jewish boy. When Creighton Hale enters her life, things get a bit complicated. Hale does his best to convince Max that he's Jewish with hilarious results! Oliver Hardy appears as the frustrated cop on the beat.

Upprcts.jpg (25685 bytes)
UPPERCUTS (1926) starring Jack Duffy. A Christie comedy. The anti-prize fight club needs a new president. Jack and his rival, Hiram Prune, decide to settle things once and for all with (you guessed it) a prize fight! Jack recruits his butler, James, to throw the punches. James has fighting experience since he lives with his wife AND mother in law.   His opponent is Battling Bittsky (half brother of Two Bittsky). When things start looking bad for James, a riot ensues. The police chase Jack all over town as he uses a bicycle, a truck and his wits to get away! Things get a little warm for him when he hides in an outdoor incinerator! This is a very funny film with good production values, plenty of laughs and action! Very few of the comedies produced by Al Christie survive, but this film is a terrific example!

Monkey Business.jpg (28459 bytes)
MONKEY BUSINESS (1926) starring Our Gang. What could be better than an Our Gang Comedy? Why, an Our Gang comedy with a monkey, of course! Farina makes friends with a boxing-trained monkey and uses the Chimp's talents to help him beat up his enemies. Soon, the gang decide that there's money to be made by putting on a show. While they make preparations, the monkey destroys Farina's house and goes on a drunken rampage!

Music scores composed and performed by Ben Model!

Blue Blazes.jpg (24583 bytes) Train Robbery.jpg (32179 bytes)


BLUE BLAZES RAWDEN starring William S. Hart, Maude George and Robert McKim. Directed by William S. Hart. Hart portrays "Blue Blazes" Rawden, a tough fighting lumber jack of the north woods. While he and his chums are carousing in the local dance hall, Blazes kills "Ladyfingers" Hilgard, the villainous proprietor, and becomes the new owner of the hall. When Hilgard's mother and brother arrive from England for a visit, Blazes convinces them that Ladyfingers was a good man who died an honorable death. When the conspiracy begins to crumble, Blazes finds his own life in danger. This is a taught, well acted drama - not typical material for Hart. Very entertaining with beautiful location camera work.

LUBIN'S GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY made by Lubin Studios in 1904. This film was created to capitalize on Edison's wildly popular THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY released the previous year. Far from a new, original production, it's a near shot by shot rip-off of Edison's version which surely caused confusion with contemporary audiences. On its own, it's a well made and fascinating alternate version of one of the greatest films of all time.

Original music scores composed and performed by Donald Sosin!

Waydown1.jpg (19199 bytes)


Starring Lillian Gish, Richard Barthelmess and Lowell Sherman. Directed by D.W. Griffith. Young Anna Moore (Gish) is tricked into a mock marriage by the evil Lennox Sanderson (Sherman) who only tells Anna of his deception after she discovers she is pregnant with his child. The baby dies shortly after its birth and Anna, to hide her shame, travels to a distant town and begins working for Squire Bartlett and his family. She soon becomes a beloved member of the household. When her disgrace is discovered, however, she is ejected from the Squire's house to face certain death in a raging snowstorm and the icy waters of the river! One of Griffith's greatest features, WAY DOWN EAST is still a powerful, moving film. Running 106 minutes, this is the original 1931 re-release with orchestral score.

Confession.jpg (14540 bytes) Amateur.jpg (26346 bytes)


THE CONFESSION starring Henry B. Walthall, Francis McDonald, William Clifford and Irene Aldwyn. A Catholic priest's faith is put to the test when he hears a confession of murder - a crime of which his brother is falsely accused. He is torn between keeping his holy vows and saving his brother from execution. The brother's escape sparks a manhunt through the Canadian wilderness, but his eventual capture means he must keep his undeserved date with the hangman. A good, solid film with high production values and beautiful location work, this release features a custom organ score and spoken introduction by John Griggs.

AMATEUR NIGHT ON THE ARK In keeping with the theme of theology, here's a reverent re-telling of the story of Noah and his struggle to save humanity and all of God's creatures from...just kidding! This is an early and rare Paul Terry cartoon in which Noah and the animals put on their own crazy, unforgettable show!

Silent M.jpg (23989 bytes) Stet.jpg (24095 bytes)

and MAKING A STETSON (c. 1925)

THE SILENT MAN starring William S. Hart, Vola Vale and Robert McKim. After years of toil, a lone prospector finally strikes it rich only to have his claim stolen by ruthless criminals in town. The prospector decides to regain his wealth by becoming a crook himself and stealing it back. One of Hart's very best Westerns and a film that helped define his character of the quiet hero who can only be pushed so far.

MAKING A STETSON Ever wonder where Stetson hats come from? Well, wonder no more! Here's a fascinating tour of the Stetson factory which shows us how these famous hats are made!

Digital orchestral scores composed and performed by Ben Model!

Molly1.jpg (21773 bytes)


Starring Marguerite Clark, Helen Hilton, John Reedy and James Bagley. A big hit at Cinefest 2003. Molly is a young Irish immigrant who wants a job as newspaper reporter for the New York Tribune. To prove herself worthy of the job, she's given the task to interview ten stars of the day within 72 hours. While attempting to complete her assignment, she is plagued by the outlandish schemes of a rival reporter and the unwelcome advances of a lecherous acquaintance. Very entertaining and lots of fun, this film was a clever vehicle to feature contemporary stage stars of the day in cameo appearances. Shot almost entirely on location, the film features fascinating scenery from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Here are the stars that assist Molly to make good:
Leo Ditrichstein
Henrietta Crossman
Robert Edison
Julia Dean
Mabel Fenton
Cyril Scott
Julian Eltinge
Lulu Glaser
May Robson
Henry Kolker
Madame Fjorde
Charles J. Ross

Original music score composed and performed by Ben Model!

Variety 2.jpg (20430 bytes)

VARIETY (1925)
and THE ARTIST (1950)

VARIETY starring Emil Jannings, Maly Delschaft and Warwick Ward. Directed by E.A Dupont. Photographed by Karl Freund. Boss Huller and his wife are small time trapeze performers appearing in a carnival. They make the big time when they meet the famous Artinelli and become part of his new act. When Boss discovers that his wife and Artinelli are having an affair, he plots revenge in the form of murder! A German production, this is UFA at it's best! Featuring breathtaking cinematography by the legendary Karl Freund and a riveting performance by Jannings! With original piano score composed and performed by Stuart Oderman.

THE ARTIST starring David Kurlan, Nikki Green and Mel Roberts. Directed by Maxwell Weinberg and Eric Arthur. Based upon a story by Guy De Maupassant. Essentially a silent film with music and narration, this charming short is a perfect companion piece to VARIETY. It's plot features an illicit affair, a carnival setting and murderous revenge!

Bond.jpg (18401 bytes) America Goes.jpg (51346 bytes)


Before World War II there was of course....World War I (and prior to WWII, it was known as "The Great War" - which gives one some idea of the gravitis this war once held in the public consciousness.) This DVD offers some important filmic documents of the period.

AMERICA GOES OVER is "The first officially released picture record of our part in the World War compiled by military experts." Our War Department made available this feature assemblage of riveting and remarkable footage (including scenes of combat) chronicling our WWI involvement, to the home market in 1927 (quite possibly to mark the 10th anniversary of America's entry into the fray.) 

SHOULDER ARMS (1918) was Charlie Chaplin's three-reel gift to survivors of The Great War. The comedy was released to great acclaim and success shortly before Armistice and provided very welcome laughter, particularly to returning soldiers. Charlie plays a lowly private who finds himself in the trenches of France, where living conditions are hilariously horrendous. Some of the many highlights include Charlie trying to sleep in flooded quarters, spying as a tree (!) behind enemy lines and posing as a German officer in disguise. The edition presented here is the Pathe reissue from the early 20s and is markedly different (and arguably superior) in takes, camera angles and performances than the later reconstituted version presented in 1959's THE CHAPLIN REVUE.  

THE BOND (1918) [aka "Charlie Chaplin in a Liberty Loan Appeal"] Charlie Chaplin was one of a number of Hollywood stars who made live appearances at bond rallies, using their celebrity and popularity to raise funds for the war effort. Chaplin also made this one-reel film to be exhibited expressly for that same purpose. Charlie appears in a series of stylized comic vignettes that demonstrate the bonds of friendship, love, marriage...and  the Liberty Bond. Charlie's brother Sydney appears as The Kaiser - a role he also played in SHOULDER ARMS.

THE SINKING OF THE LUSITANIA (1918) was created by the legendary pioneer animator Winsor McCay and remains a milestone of fluid animation as well as one of the most powerful pieces of wartime propaganda ever created. Despite being released over three years after the actual sinking in May 1915 - the film managed to pack a visceral emotional punch in much the same way that many of the most powerful wartime posters of the day accomplished.

All of the films in this collection are accompanied by original Wurlitzer pipe organ scores composed and performed by Bernie Anderson!

BronchoBaby.jpg (29486 bytes)


THE VAGABOND PRINCE starring H.B. Warner and Dorothy Dalton. Forced into an arranged marriage, Tonio, Prince of Bothalia, has tired of his sheltered, royal life. He longs to see the world and live like other men. After meeting a wandering artist, he is encouraged to leave his old life behind and start anew. He sails to the Barbary Coast where he meets Fluffy, a cabaret singer, and is thrown in jail defending her honor. Soon romance blossoms and Tonio's new life seems wonderful until agents from Bothalia track him down in order to force him to return.

BRONCHO BILLY AND THE BABY  starring "Broncho Billy" Anderson and Bernice Sawyer. While on the run from the law, Broncho Billy rescues a little girl who has wandered from her home in the night. Out of gratitude, the girl's mother allows Billy to sleep in the house. The girl's father, realizing he has a chance to collect the reward on Billy's head, is determined to turn him in!

Original music scores composed and performed by Ben Model!

Folly1.jpg (28083 bytes) Beloved1.jpg (26703 bytes)

Made in New Jersey Double Feature!

THE BELOVED BLACKMAILER starring Carlyle Blackwell, Evelyn Greeley and Jack Drumier. Produced in Fort Lee, NJ and directed by Dell Henderson. An ultra-rare Reelclassicdvd exclusive! Tired of doctors and his over-protective mother, a wealthy young man convinces his former college football coach to kidnap him, and make a man out of him at an athletic training camp. Little does he suspect that his girlfriend has come up with the same plan to save her father from financial ruin! A rare, delightful comedy gem!

A GIRL'S FOLLY starring Robert Warwick, Doris Kenyon and Chester Barnett. Produced in Fort Lee, NJ and directed by Maurice Tournier. Released elsewhere in an abridged version, this is the complete feature film. A country girl meets a handsome movie star while his company is filming on location. He convinces her to leave her rustic home and return with him to become a star herself. A charming comic film, famous for its behind the scenes footage of filmmaking in New Jersey. Beautifully filmed with the "Tournier touch". Some nitrate decomposition is visible.

Both films are accompanied by original Wurlitzer pipe organ scores composed and performed by Bernie Anderson!

Six great silent shorts on one DVD!


Laughing Gas.jpg (27019 bytes)
LAUGHING GAS (1914) starring Charlie Chaplin, Mack Swain and Slim Summerville. Charlie is an inept janitor at a dentist's office who flirts with a pretty female patient, disrobes the dentist's wife and knocks out quite a few teeth in this riotous Keystone knockabout!

Poolsharks.jpg (27293 bytes)
POOL SHARKS (1915) starring W.C. Fields and Bud Ross. A young W.C.Fields makes his screen debut in this Gaumont production made while he was appearing on stage in his famous juggling act. Rivals for the affections of the same, rather dopey, leading lady, Fields and his rival decide to settle their differences with a wacky and violent game of pool!

Golf2.jpg (30274 bytes)

GOLF (1922) starring Larry Semon, Lucille Carlisle, Oliver Hardy and Vernon Dent. Larry's house is a shambles because he's learning to play on the piano - that is, he's learning to play golf on the piano. Vernon Dent is madly in love with Larry's sister, but things take a wild turn because Oliver Hardy has his sights set on the same girl!

Big Town 2a.jpg (27684 bytes)
THE BIG TOWN (1925) starring Our Gang. This is a very rare and unusual early entry from the Our Gang series. After accidentally burning down a neighbor's barn and getting trapped on a freight train, the gang find themselves in New York City. They decide to see the sights and the film shows many of the city's landmarks including the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge. After taking over a city bus for a wild drive through the streets, the police finally catch up with them and send them home. The return journey, this time on a passenger train, gives the gang a nice opportunity to cause mayhem for their fellow passengers!

Hoboken.jpg (29481 bytes)
HOBOKEN TO HOLLYWOOD (1926) starring Billy Bevan, Vernon Dent and Leonora Summers. Billy's job sends him and his family on an automobile journey to sunny California. Along the way, they meet Mr. and Mrs. Pinkey and decide to make the trip together. The result is one disaster after another brought on by car trouble, inclement weather and hostile Indians!

Beauty and Bump.jpg (23759 bytes)
BEAUTY AND THE BUMP (1927) starring Perry Murdock, Nita Cavalier and Robert Page. Hilarity and wild stunts at the seaside dominate this very rare Skylark comedy. Non-stop action and outrageous gags!

Original music scores composed and performed by Ben Model!

Dangerous Hours.jpg (21958 bytes) Leather.jpg (25646 bytes)


DANGEROUS HOURS starring Lloyd Hughes, Jack Richardson and Claire Du Brey. Directed by Fred Niblo. An idealistic young man discovers, too late, that the political group he's joined is really a front for terrorism, extortion and anarchy. An outrageous propaganda film that pulls out all of the stops to make its anti-communist point! Reminiscent of the Modern Story of "Intolerance" with its tremendous mob scenes.

THE LEATHER PUSHERS: ROUND TWO starring Reginald Denny, Hayden Stevenson and Charles Ascott. "The Leather Pushers" were a charming series of comedies based upon the story of a prize-fighter from the Colliers articles by H.C. Witwer. Each episode was self-contained and complete in itself. Formerly wealthy Kane Halliday (Denny), finds he must support himself with his fists in the ring after his father goes suddenly broke. A great mix of comedy and action set against the gritty world of the old New York boxing scene.

Original music scores composed and performed by Liz Magnes!

Patchwork.jpg (30676 bytes) Alice.jpg (24836 bytes)

A Silent Fantasy Double Feature

THE PATCHWORK GIRL OF OZ starring Violet MacMillan, Frank Moore and Fred Woodward. Produced by L. Frank Baum's Oz Film Manufacturing Company, this is the delightful tale of Ojo, a munchkin boy, and his friends who set out on a journey to find the ingredients of an antidote to cure Unc Nunkie, Margolotte and Danx who have been accidentally petrified. Along the way, they meet some of the strangest and most amusing characters ever produced by Baum's whimsical imagination!

ALICE IN WONDERLAND starring Viola Savoy. An enchanting early film adaptation of Lewis Carroll's timeless tale of a young girl who journeys to Wonderland. Beautifully photographed and featuring amazing costumes based upon the original illustrations. Captivating and amusing, all of the famous characters are here: the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, the Mock Turtle, the Gryphon, the Mad Hatter, etc. Very clever and lots of fun!

Original music scores composed and performed by Donald Sosin!


and ALL STAR CAST (1924)

THROUGH THE BREAKERS starring Holmes Herbert and Margaret Livingston. John Lancaster is offered a job managing a tropical plantation on a south sea island. Prior to his departure he asks his love, Diane, to marry him and join him there. She agrees, suggesting he go on ahead, promising to join him in a short time to wed. Later, unwilling to give up her freewheeling, wanton lifestyle, she decides to break her promise to John, leaving him alone and heartbroken on the island where a young native girl, Taya, becomes infatuated with him. While attending a wild party aboard a private yacht, Diane is shipwrecked. Fireworks ensue when she miraculously washes ashore on - you guessed it - the very island where John is living.

Organ score performed by Blaine Gale.

ALL STAR CAST A group of lively animals put on a crazy show in this delightful, early Paul Terry cartoon!

SpanishDancer.jpg (24823 bytes) Tia Juana.jpg (26462 bytes)


THE SPANISH DANCER starring Pola Negri, Antonio Moreno, Wallace Beery and Adolphe Menjou. Directed by Herbert Brenon. A mysterious Gypsy dancer falls in lover with Don Cesar de Bazan, an impoverished nobleman sentenced to death for defying the King's law against dueling. Meanwhile, the crafty Don Salluste (Menjou) plots against the King to bring war with France! Lots of fun, romance and intrigue - and what a cast!

THE MAN FROM TIA JUANA  starring Marin Sais and Jack Hoaxie. Directed by James W. Horne. A rare episode from Kalem's popular "American Girl" series. Madge's boyfriend, Larry, is entrusted by her father to deposit $25,000 worth of bonds in the bank. Herman Durkee, a crooked bank teller who is deeply in debt, has other ideas. He enlists the aid of  "Five-Ace" Williams and the gang to steal the bonds and disgrace Larry. Madge, however, has other ideas! Gunfights and action abound in this exciting western adventure!

Original music scores composed and performed by Richardson Price!

Majesty 1.jpg (27433 bytes) Cloak.jpg (25475 bytes)




HIS MAJESTY, THE SCARECROW OF OZ starring Violet MacMillan, Mai Wells, Vivian Reed and Frank Moore. Directed by J. Farrell MacDonald. Princess Gloria is in love with Pon, a humble gardener's boy. Her father, King Krewl, who objects to the unseemly romance, takes her to Old Mombi, the witch, who freezes her heart. Pon rescues Dorothy, who has been forced into slavery by the witch and together with Princess Gloria they begin a journey which unites them with the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Wizard of Oz himself!

THE MAGIC CLOAK OF OZ starring Violet MacMillan, Mildred Harris, Frank Moore and Fred Woodward. Directed by J. Farrell MacDonald. Fluff, Bud and their aunt Rivette journey to the country of Noland to find a better life. They are joined by Nickodemus, their mischievous donkey playmate. The King of Noland has just died and Bud, being the 47th person to enter the capital city gate, is made the new king! The Rolly Rogues invade the city and force the citizens to make them soup. Only a wish made with the magic cloak can save them - but the cloak has been stolen!

Original music scores composed and performed by Donald Sosin!

 ladylake.jpg (41349 bytes) Conquest.jpg (44503 bytes)


THE LADY OF THE LAKE starring Benita Hume, Percy Marmont, Lawson Butt and James Carew. Directed by James A. FitzPatrick. This short feature, based upon the immortal poem by Sir Walter Scott, presents a story of adventure and romance set in the Scottish Highlands. A Wonderful and very rare film of excellent quality. You won't find this on DVD anywhere else! Includes the original music score from the 1930 re-release.

CONQUEST OF THE POLE produced by Georges Méliès. Scientist from around the world gather to find a means to reach the North Pole. Professor Maboul's flying machine shows the most promise and he gathers a group together for the journey. During the expedition, our unfortunate explorers encounter a giant man-eating snow monster and have a painful experience with the magnetic pole itself. Mounted on an very impressive scale for its time, this film features generous helpings of Méliès trademark camera effects and outlandish humor.

Original music score composed and performed by Matthew John Marshall.

Kid.jpg (23717 bytes) Charlie Ocean.jpg (26436 bytes)



PAY DAY (1922)
THE KID (1921)

CHARLIE ON THE OCEAN A short documentary film produced by Topical Budget which chronicles Chaplin's first trip back to England following his phenomenal success in the U.S. First, Charlie receives a send-off from Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks. Chaplin is then warmly greeted by his fellow passengers. He helps them organize a circus and a "Charlie walk" contest. Upon his arrival in England he is mobbed by throngs of adoring fans.Original music score composed and performed by Matthew John Marshall.

PAY DAY (1922) starring Charlie Chaplin, Mack Swain, Phyllis Allen, Edna Purviance and Syd Chaplin. Charlie is a harried construction worker who tries to avoid the wrath of his brutal, rolling pin wielding wife after a night out with the boys. An unusual, shorter edit of this classic film with a vintage music and effects track.

THE KID starring Charlie Chaplin, Edna Purviance, Jackie Coogan and Syd Chaplin. Chaplin's celebrated first feature film. A woman abandons her baby boy who is subsequently discovered and adopted by a lowly tramp. One of Chaplin's greatest achievements - combining laughter and tears. This version, taken from a British re-issue print, contains several scenes not included within commercial video releases. There's a scene in which Edna, after abandoning her baby, encounters a playful toddler which inspires her attempt to retrieve her own child. There's another scene in which Edna encounters a wedding party leaving a church. When the stained glass window behind her is illuminated, it creates the image of a halo around her head. There's also a lengthy sequence which depicts an accidental meeting between Enda and the father of her abandoned child. By all accounts, this version is much closer to the film as originally released than any subsequent re-issues. Original music score composed and performed by Matthew John Marshall.


Five of the Gang's Greatest and Funniest Silents!

"I received my order today of “The Our Gang Collection Volume 1” and I wanted to tell you how happy I was with the purchase. I have been an avid “Our Gang’ fan and collector since I was 13 and used to order the films on 8 MM and Super 8 from Blackhawk Films. As a collector I don’t have to tell you how frustrating it is trying to get good prints of the silents. Well, After being burnt a few times I finally broke down and ordered from you to see how your transfers are. To say I wasn’t disappointed is a great understatement! The transfers were among the best I have ever seen, sharp and clear. The music that accompanies the films is great as well! I couldn’t be happier with the purchase.  I will most definitely be purchasing all of the “Our Gang Volumes” during the next couple of months.

 Thank you so much for your all your hard work in making these wonderful films available for us fans and collectors in such wonderful  condition.


Edward R Fernandez"

DDay.jpg (23670 bytes)
DERBY DAY (1923) After seeing a legitimate horse race the gang decide to open a track of their own. The "thor'breds" in their stable consist of a cow, a mule, a tricycle, a couple of dogs and a goat!

BBusiness.jpg (19626 bytes)
BIG BUSINESS (1924) The gang decide to enter the seething world of of modern business by opening their own barber shop where hedge clippers are the tool of choice. Their coiffure repertoire includes the "Mohawk", the "shaved and shiny" and the "random" cut. A "two dollar job" soon arrives in the person of Mickie, whose long, curly locks prove impossible to resist!

MBusiness.jpg (24323 bytes)
MONKEY BUSINESS (1926) A monkey is fed up performing tricks for his trainer and decides to escape and see the world. He soon befriends Farina and the gang who wish to use him as the main attraction in their own circus. Before they can put on a single performance, however, their primate pal discovers some "home brew" and tears up the town!

WarFeathersgb.jpg (8126 bytes)
WAR FEATHERS (1926) After a wild train trip the gang arrive in the rootin' tootin' western town of Red Dog. To avoid a gun battle, they hide in a covered wagon which, it turns out, belongs to a desperate group of outlaws en route to the "Whistling Clam Rancho", their hideout. It's soon unclear who's more dangerous - the outlaws or the gang!

LMyDog.jpg (44771 bytes)
LOVE MY DOG (1927) The fact that Farina's pooch is a baby-saving hero doesn't cut the mustard with the heartless dog catchers. They're rounding up every un-vaccinated dog in town due to a hydrophobia epidemic. Will Farina's beloved pet be gassed? In this film the audience helps decide his fate!

Original music scores composed and performed by Ben Model!

RaffBar.jpg (19413 bytes) Leather 3.jpg (15926 bytes)


RAFFLES, THE AMATEUR CRACKSMAN starring John Barrymore, Frank Morgan, Kathryn Adams and Christine Mayo. Directed by George Irving. A.J. Raffles, wealthy bachelor and champion cricketer, is, in reality, The Amateur Cracksman - a notorious jewel thief who's crime spree has plagued England's upper crust. Raffles pays a visit to the home of Lord Amersteth, owner of the famous Melrose Necklace intending to add this bauble to his list of conquests. But a chance encounter with Mrs. Vidal, a witness to one of his earlier heists, threatens to expose him.

Even at this early stage of his film career, the Barrymore charm is on full display in this comic adventure. Based upon the stage play of the same name.

THE LEATHER PUSHERS: ROUND THREE "Payment Through the Nose" starring Reginald Denny, Hayden Stevenson and Charles Ascott. "The Leather Pushers" were a charming series of comedies based upon the story of a prize-fighter from the Colliers articles by H.C. Witwer. Each episode was self-contained and complete in itself. Formerly wealthy Kane Halliday (Denny), fighting as the elegant "Masked Mystery", pays more attention to his flirtation with a chorus girl, Estelle, than his boxing career -  frustrating his manager at every turn. Estelle, not realizing her new beau is is actually a prize fighter, is under the mistaken impression that he's a rich playboy, a belief that Halliday does nothing to correct. The manager sets out enlighten her in spectacular fashion!

This entry from the series includes some terrific night scenes of New York's Times Square as it appeared in 1922. Titles from other Universal productions are prominently displayed on the theater marquees!

Original music scores composed and performed by Richardson Price!


Five of the Gang's Greatest and Funniest Silents!

Sundown.jpg (33340 bytes)
SUNDOWN LTD. (1924) After creating havoc playing on a real train, the gang decide to avoid adult interference by building their own railroad. The result is one of the most elaborate Our Gang contraptions ever seen on film! Their train is a great success until Toughy, a jealous rival, derails it and sends it careening through the city streets!

shootininjuns.jpg (22814 bytes)
SHOOTIN' INJUNS (1925) The Gang, dreaming of being cowboys, embark on a journey to find real Indians to shoot. Along the way, however, they are forced to shelter from a storm in a novelty house intended for an amusement park! This film REALLY pulls out all the stops. It’s one of those great scare comedies at which Our Gang excelled. Not only is the house full of elaborate devices, but the film contains some of the most amazing special effects ever seen! Jaw-dropping even by today’s standards, this one should not be missed!

GCheer.jpg (35986 bytes)
GOOD CHEER (1926) In this rare and unusual Christmas-themed film, the gang are street waifs in a snowy winter setting. The younger members of the gang desperately want to believe in Santa Claus but are foiled at every turn when they discover Santa has merely been portrayed by well meaning impostors. Their faith is restored, however, through the intervention of the magical spirit of the real Santa Claus, a friendly old shoemaker and a band of crooks disguised in Santa costumes!

Shivering_3gb.jpg (17205 bytes)
SHIVERING SPOOKS (1926) The gang have an underground secret hide out which caves in. The only way out is to break through a wall into the basement of a house. Unfortunately, the house is occupied by a fake medium and his cohorts who bilk money out of their unsuspecting victims by pretending to contact the dead! The gang soon find themselves surrounded by ghosts, skeletons and everything else that goes bump in the night!

FAlarm.jpg (25161 bytes)
THE FOURTH ALARM (1926) Inspired by having extinguished a small house fire, the gang establish their own fire department. But battling blazes is complicated for Chief Joe who must administer his little sister's worm medication every fifteen minutes. The action gets underway when the gang rush to a burning building which, unbeknownst to them, is full of explosives! Full of fun and terrific Our Gang gadgets, this film was later re-made as the talkie "Hook and Ladder"

Original music scores composed and performed by Ben Model on the Miditzer virtual theatre organ!

Boomerang.jpg (16815 bytes) ScreenSnaps.jpg (24923 bytes)

and SCREEN SNAPSHOTS (1922-1924)

THE BOOMERANG starring Henry B. Walthall, Nina Byron and Melbourne McDowell. Directed by Bertram Bracken. Henry B. Walthall portrays a wealthy young lawyer working for his father's conglomerate, Nation Food. After being falsely accused of fathering a child out of wedlock, he's kicked out of his job to fend for himself. Living on the streets, he learns first-hand how the corruption of his father's company causes sickness and starvation among the working classes. He soon becomes National Food's worst nightmare when he is appointed County Prosecutor.

SCREEN SNAPSHOTS (Gaumont Graphic) Delightful, candid, behind-the-scenes footage from the silent era. See Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks and D.W. Griffith during the formation of United Artists. See Rudoph Valentino, Agnes Ayers and George Melford during production of THE SHEIK. See amazing footage of the Monte Carlo set with Eric von Stroheim and Miss DuPont during the filming of FOOLISH WIVES. This star-studded special also includes scenes with Tom Moore, Bessie Love, Charlie Murray, Tom Mix, Will Rogers, Pauline Frederick, Snowy Baker, Sessue Hayakawa, Julian Eltinge and Marion Davies!

Original music scores composed and performed by Liz Magnes!


Five of the Gang's Greatest and Funniest Silents!

Backstage2.jpg (30439 bytes)
BACK STAGE (1923) After his actors quit due to lack of pay, the owner of a third-rate traveling show persuades the gang to fill in. Naturally, things don't work out as he had planned. With the help of various animals and insects, the gang make a hilarious shambles of the magic act and strong-man routine.

Buccaneers.jpg (27730 bytes)
THE BUCCANEERS (1924) Mickey and the gang build their own pirate ship and prepare to wreak havoc on the bounding main. It’s a great plan until they launch the ship, which promptly sinks like a stone. To keep the gang happy, their pal, Captain Whalen, let’s them play on his boat – provided they keep it tied to the dock. When their dog (an early incarnation of Pete without the eye circle) eats the rope, they find themselves drifting on the high seas! This presents no problem for the gang as they start the motor and attack the U.S. Navy!

itsabear.jpg (33165 bytes)
IT'S A BEAR (1924) The gang are determined to go bear hunting. Mickey, while driving his milk delivery route, offers them the chance to visit his farm to bag some "big game". After trying their hand at hunting pigs, chickens and an unlucky farm hand, the bears arrive on the scene!

highsociety.jpg (27793 bytes)
HIGH SOCIETY (1924) Mickey is being raised by his beloved uncle, Patrick Shamrock Kelly, until wealthy aunt Kate wins legal custody. Life is no fun for Mickey at his aunt's mansion. He's given a bath every day (not only Saturday night), forced to wear fancy clothes and deal with nasty cousin Percy. It's not until a chaotic visit from the gang that aunt Kate realizes that Mickey may be better off with his uncle after all. Remade in 1929 as the gang's first talkie "Small Talk".

Mysterious.jpg (26751 bytes)
THE MYSTERIOUS MYSTERY (1924) When rich little Adelbert Wallingford is kidnapped, master sleuth Mickey (aka Sherlock Hawkshaw) enlists the gang - masters of disguise, all - to track every suspicious character, including an angry detective! When a homing pigeon with the ransom demand escapes, the gang find themselves aboard a runaway airplane in hot pursuit!

Original music scores composed and performed by Ben Model on the Miditzer virtual theatre organ!

Robinson.jpg (18447 bytes) Mystery.jpg (29766 bytes) Lindy.jpg (29219 bytes)


ROBINSON CRUSOE starring M.A. Wetherell and Fay Compton. A delightful and extremely rare feature based upon Defoe's classic tale. Robinson Crusoe is shipwrecked and forced to live alone on a deserted island. Despite his isolation, he finds companionship and adventure. Lively, touching and often humorous, this adaptation truly entertains!

MYSTERY OF DEAD MAN'S ISLE starring Clyde Benson and Edith Johnson. Just off the coast lies the forbidding island known as "Dead Man's Isle". Everyone knows that it is uninhabited - or is it? What is the mysterious figure that is sometimes spotted upon its shores? Is it a woman or is it really something supernatural? One brave fisherman decides to find out. Another true rarity!

LINDBERGH'S FLIGHT AND RETURN Rounding out our program of adventure and discovery, we present "Lindbergh's Flight and Return" which, through contemporary newsreel footage, chronicles the famous aviator's historic solo Atlantic flight!

Original music scores composed and performed by John Mucci!

Six great silent shorts on one DVD!


Cure for Pokeritis.jpg (32416 bytes)
A CURE FOR POKERITIS (1912) starring John Bunny and Flora Finch. The screen's first beloved fat man, John Bunny, plays a
chronic gambler in this fun silent short from Vitagraph, with Flora Finch as his disapproving wife. Bunny comes up with an elaborate scheme to escape the house and join the poker game with the boys. All goes well until he talks in his sleep!

BedroomScandal.jpg (21405 bytes)
A BEDROOM SCANDAL (1921) starring Monty Banks. Newly married Monty works at a ladies fashion boutique where his wandering eyes, not to mention hands, get him into constant trouble. Matters are complicated when his new in-laws decide to visit and meet Monty for the first time.

Bakery.jpg (29425 bytes)
THE BAKERY (1921) starring Larry Semon, Norma Nichols, Oliver Hardy and Frank Alexander. Larry employs unique methods when dealing with customers and fellow employees at the bakery. Usually,very violent and messy methods. When he gets on the bad side of the bakery's crooked manager (Hardy), however, the dough really starts to fly!

Ropin.jpg (26320 bytes)

THE ROPIN FOOL (1922) starring Will Rogers. Not only does the Ropin' Fool (Rogers) lasso cattle, he lassos goats, dogs cats and mice! He even lassos in his sleep! When his rival is found dead, having been roped and dragged to his death, Rogers is the obvious suspect. Using slow-motion photography, this little comedy serves as a showcase for Roger's astonishing roping abilities. Truly amazing!

DogsWar.jpg (25221 bytes)
DOGS OF WAR (1923) starring Our Gang. While staging a violent battle on an empty lot, the gang discover they can earn five dollars by acting in films at the adjacent movie studio. After being being turned down, they decide sneak into the studio and make a film of their own. They are assisted in their escape from a security guard by none other than Harold Lloyd, seen during the making of his classic feature, WHY WORRY?.

MickeySchool.jpg (27771 bytes)
MICKEY IN SCHOOL (1927) starring Mickey (Rooney) McGuire. Summer vacation over, Mickey and his gang reluctantly return to school. At first all goes well with Mickey (literally) glued to his seat during lessons. But panic ensues when a simple recess game of tug-o-war leaves the schoolhouse in flames!

Original music scores composed and performed by Ben Model!

NML.jpg (26719 bytes) Fall Guy.jpg (23251 bytes)

HARDY AS HEAVY (aka "Bad Guy Babe")

NO MAN'S LAW (1927)
and THE FALL GUY (1921)

Oliver "Babe" Hardy is of course best known and most famous for his starring films with Stan Laurel. However, for over a decade before his teaming with Stan, Hardy had already enjoyed quite an extensive career in motion pictures, having appeared in some 300 films. He was often cast as "the heavy" (read: villain) and was one of the most prolific character actors of the silent era. And yet no matter how much make-up (or lack thereof) or how his appearance was altered for a role - the telltale mannerisms of this consummate professional always shone through.

THE FALL GUY is a Vitagraph slapstick "two-reeler" starring Larry Semon that's a fine example of the kind of scene-stealing foil that was Hardy's stock and trade - especially in Semon comedies. Hardy plays a bullying "root-beer hound", replete with top hat, frock coat and handlebar mustache. He has several encounters with auto-challenged simp Semon - all within a western town setting - which makes an appropriate opener for the accompanying feature....

NO MAN'S LAW is an unusual and ambitious Hal Roach production. A "five-reeler" - starring "Rex - The King of Wild Horses". The film is a rather hard-edged western (with comic undertones) which serves mostly as a character driven drama. Hardy is at his most scruffy and black-hearted as a wanted desperado - who along with a partner, is on the run. Hardy (who was only months away from his full blown teaming with Stan Laurel) is at his scenery-chewing best in this vehicle, facing off all the principals (including James Finlayson as a prospector and Rex the horse to boot!) Nowhere will you find a more nefarious Ollie then in this daring and imaginatively photographed western.

Original music scores composed and performed by John Mucci!

Americano.jpg (23826 bytes) Outtakes.jpg (23438 bytes)


and Douglas Fairbanks Outtakes

The always exuberant Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. (in one of his early starring five-reelers for Triangle - directed by John Emerson) plays a young, untried mining engineer sent from New York City to far-away Paragonia to oversee business relations. Doug arrives just in time to uncover a coup involving the imprisonment of the Presidente - who's daughter is about to be forced into a marriage with the head of the Army. All of this, of course, is no match for the ever-smiling, ever-resourceful Doug who will, no doubt, save the day - it's HOW he does it that makes the picture!

This edition includes a reel of extemely rare production "rushes" from two of Fairbanks' later Latin American excursions (THE GAUCHO and DON Q. SON OF ZORRO.)

Original music scores composed and performed by Ben Model!

394px-Birth-of-a-nation-poster-color2.jpg (61739 bytes) BOAN1.jpg (25829 bytes) BirthofaNationpic.jpg (29386 bytes)



THE BIRTH OF A NATION starring Lillian Gish, Henry B. Walthall, Mae Marsh, George Siegmann, Miriam Cooper and Walter Long. Directed by D.W.Griffith. Photographed by G.W. Bitzer. In the entire history of the motion picture, no single film has been more praised and condemned than D.W. Griffith's masterpiece, The Birth of a Nation. Praised for its innovation, it's masterful direction and its powerful depiction of the American Civil War and its aftermath. Condemned for its brutal and cruel depiction of African Americans - portrayed mostly by whites in blackface - and for its glorification of the Ku Klux Klan. It is also widely believed that The Birth of a Nation was directly responsible for the sudden re-birth of the long dormant Klan.

Regardless of opinion, the effects of The Birth of a Nation on American film cannot be denied. So incredibly successful that the income it generated was beyond calculation. It made instant moguls of its investors and many Hollywood studios were built opon the profits. The Birth of a Nation forever changed the landscape of the motion picture industry.

This special edition derives from a brand-new digital film transfer. It is presented without tints to preserve and accentuate G.W. Bitzer's masterful black and white photography. This edition features a new original theatre organ score composed and performed by Ben Model!

This is a two DVD set specially priced at $25.00!

See above for the 1930 re-release version.


Here is a collection of 12 great films directed by D.W. Griffith from 1909 to 1913, considered by many to be his most creative period. Covering a wide range of topics, these short gems present us with everything from lessons in morality to young women in mortal danger!

What Drink Did.jpg (22618 bytes)

WHAT DRINK DID (1909) starring Florence Lawrence and David Miles. Directed by D.W. Griffith. This is a powerful Griffith preachment against the evils of drink and its destruction of a young family. Mary Pickford appears as an extra in one of her very first films. Original Music score composed and performed by John Mucci!

As it is In Life.jpg (26991 bytes)

AS IT IS IN LIFE (1910) starring George Nichols, Mary Pickford and Charles West. Directed by D.W. Griffith. A widower sacrifices love and his vitality to support his young daughter and send her to a fine school. Upon her return, she vows never to leave her poor father who has given up so much for her. But when a young man suddenly enters her life, her father is in danger of being completely forgotten. Original Music score composed and performed by John Mucci!

Arcadian Maid.jpg (27537 bytes)

AN ARCADIAN MAID (1910) starring Mary Pickford, Mack Sennett, George Nichols and Kate Bruce. Directed by D.W. Griffith. When a slick salesman from the city arrives in town, a poor country girl finds herself completely smitten by his charms and big city ways. It isn't long before he convinces the poor girl that he intends to marry her. He also convinces her to steal her employer's life savings so he can pay off his gambling debts. Original Music score composed and performed by John Mucci!

House Shutters.jpg (25706 bytes)

THE HOUSE WITH CLOSED SHUTTERS (1910) starring Henry B. Walthall, Dorothy West and Grace Henderson. Directed by D.W. Griffith. A young man joins the Southern army during the American Civil War and is the heroic pride of his adoring mother and sister. On the battlefield, however, it soon becomes obvious that he is actually a drunkard and a coward. Trusted to deliver an important dispatch, he flees instead to his home in a drunken stupor. It is up to his sister to disguise herself in her brother's uniform and go to war to save the family's honor! Original Music score composed and performed by John Mucci!

Peggy.jpg (26394 bytes)

WILFUL PEGGY (1910) starring Mary Pickford, Henry B. Walthall and Clara T. Bracy. Directed by D.W. Griffith. A high born Lord takes a fancy to young Peggy and decides to have the headstrong girl for his bride. Peggy, however, has a lot to learn about proper manners and behavior in polite society. Deciding to abandon the marriage, she disguises herself as a man and flees with her husband's nephew. Original Music score composed and performed by John Mucci!

For His Son.jpg (19558 bytes)

FOR HIS SON (1912) starring Charles Hill Mailes, Charles West and Dorothy Bernard. Directed by D.W. Griffith. The good doctor is an honest, hard working man, but he never seems to have enough money to satisfy his greedy son. He comes up with a money making scheme to market a soft drink laced with cocaine! His plan works and he soon has plenty of money, but at the cost of his son becoming a hopeless drug fiend! Original Music score composed and performed by John Mucci!

Mender of Nets.jpg (21835 bytes)

THE MENDER OF NETS (1912) starring Mary Pickford, Charles West and Mabel Normand. Directed by D.W. Griffith. A young fisherman becomes engaged to the little net mender of the village, breaking the heart of his former girlfriend. When the girlfriend's brother hears of his sister's abandonment, he becomes enraged and goes after the fisherman - gun in hand. Original Music score composed and performed by John Mucci!

Girl Trust.jpg (27733 bytes)

THE GIRL AND HER TRUST (1912) starring Dorothy Bernard, Wilfred Lucas and Alfred Paget. Directed by D.W. Griffith. Grace is a telegraph operator at a rural train station. When she is entrusted with a substantial company payroll, a pair of violent tramps decide to rob the station and make off with the loot. They cut the telephone wires and Grace is violently attacked with her only hope of rescue miles away! Original Music score composed and performed by John Mucci!

Beast at Bay.jpg (28069 bytes)

A BEAST AT BAY (1912) starring Mary Pickford, Edwin August and Alfred Paget. Directed by D.W. Griffith. An escaped convict attacks a guard and steals his uniform. Desperate to escape the area, he happens upon Mary. He kidnaps her and forces her to drive him to freedom at gunpoint. Featuring what is arguably Hollywood's first great car chase, the excitement is maintained at a high pitch with some truly impressive action! Original Music score composed and performed by John Mucci!

Musketeers.jpg (21238 bytes)

THE MUSKETEERS OF PIG ALLEY (1912) starring Lillian Gish, Walter Miller and Elmer Booth. Directed by D.W. Griffith. Considered the first gangster movie ever made. A poor young musician is robbed and, finding himself in the middle of a gun battle, he recognizes the thug who stole his money. Rival gangs and a gunfight dominate the action in this famous thriller. Original Music score composed and performed by John Mucci!

Reformers.jpg (25237 bytes)

THE REFORMERS (1913) starring Charles Hill Mailes, Jennie Lee, Mae Marsh, Robert Harron and Walter Miller. Directed by D.W. Griffith. When a man who is the leader of the League of Civic Purity is elected mayor, he and his followers make life miserable for the other citizens. While he is busy closing saloons and theaters and forcing a strict code of morality on the town, his son and daughter are left at home under the influence of a degenerate who seduces the young daughter and turns the son into a drunkard. Original Music score composed and performed by John Mucci!

Curtain Pole.jpg (20441 bytes)

Bonus Film!
THE CURTAIN POLE (1909) starring Mack Sennett, Florence Lawrence and Harry Solter. Directed by D.W. Griffith. When a gentleman attending a party accidentally breaks a curtain pole, he insists on buying a replacement immediately. During the process he manages to get a little tipsy and practically destroys the entire town trying to get the new curtain pole back to the house. Made from a Library of Congress paper print, this unique version of the film, produced in 1978, includes narration by Bob Lee (founder and president of New Jersey's Essex Films) as well as an original music score composed and performed by Stuart Oderman!

Feature 1.jpg (32831 bytes) Feature 4.jpg (21681 bytes)

THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (1925/1930): The Supreme Collector's Edition

So, you think you've seen everything available on THE PHANTOM? Here's a very special DVD set for those of you who think you have, but wish there were more!

THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA directed by Rupert Julian with Lon Chaney, Norman Kerry, Mary Philbin, Arthur Edwin Carewe, Gibson Gowland, John Sainpolis and Snitz Edwards. A Universal Super-Jewel. Horror! Thrills! Macabre! "The Phantom of the Opera", one of the most famous films ever made, presents the story of a creepy misanthrope who kidnaps a prima donna of the Paris Opera so that she may bring him the love he so madly desires!

This edition presents a brand-new, needle-sharp transfer of the prized Essex Films/Griggs-Moviedrome version of the 1930 release. Complete with the famous "man with the lantern" opening (voiced by John Griggs) and the soaring, exciting pipe organ score performed by Lee Erwin - newly re-mixed for stereo! This is the only authorized release of this much esteemed, copyrighted, version of the film.

This set includes:

            Chaneyorgan.jpg (17966 bytes) Scream.jpg (11235 bytes)

            Trailer.jpg (20320 bytes)

            Comparison c.jpg (39921 bytes)

               Downstairs.jpg (52773 bytes)

            Comparison Color c.jpg (45708 bytes)

            Light.jpg (35055 bytes)

SCROOGE (1913)
and THE TOY SHOP (1928)

SCROOGE starring Seymour Hicks, Leedham Bantock and William Lugg. Seymour (later "Sir Seymour") Hicks made a career of portraying Ebenezer Scrooge, possibly Dickens' most memorable character, in "A Christmas Carol". He made the first sound film version of the story in 1935 but, twenty-two years earlier, he made this nearly forgotten silent version. Compact and utilizing some primitive but effective special effects, this is a fascinating presentation of the enduring, classic tale.

THE STORY OF SANTA CLAUS Produced by Cine Art Productions for the home movie market in the mid 1920s. Loosely based upon Clement Clarke Moore's "The Night Before Christmas", this delightful little film features scenes of Santa at the North Pole and his journey (through clever animation) to deliver gifts to the good children. He visits one family where dad lends a helping hand. Presented with its original color tints, "The Story of Santa Claus" is enchanting.

THE TOY SHOP Starring Virginia Marshall and Josef Swickard. Directed by Martin Justice. On Christmas Eve in a French village, a little beggar girl, abused by passers-by, is taken in and cared for by the kindly toy maker. Finally safe and warm, she dreams of adorable dancing dolls and toy soldiers. She awakens to a sumptuous Christmas dinner! Presented in its original two-color Technicolor process with the original score.

Original music scores composed and performed by John Mucci!


QUEEN OF THE CHORUS starring Virginia Brown Faire, Rex Lease, Lloyd Whitlock, Betty Francisco and Charles Hill Mailes. Directed by Charles J. Hunt. Gordon Trent is a nasty, greedy millionaire who neglects his wife to philander around town with chorus girls. He relentlessly pursues Queenie Dale, who is actually in love with Trent's private secretary, Billy Cooke. When Trent learns of their romance, he blackmails Queenie into a compromising hotel rendezvous. His intention is to be discovered by his wife's detectives to facilitate his divorce, but also to destroy Queenie and Billy's love forever. Pre-code hijinks abound in this lively and extremely rare feature from the late silent era!

LUCIA'S BROKEN ROMANCE A poor girl, living in a rundown tenement with her parents, has a great talent for the violin. Disgusted by her impoverished family and her surroundings, she runs off on her own to play her violin in the streets. When she is discovered by a great musician she claims to be an orphan and the two begin an affair. But her father, discovering her whereabouts, has other plans for his wayward daughter.

Another true rarity, very little is known about this Pathe Freres short. We do know that it was produced in the USA in 1911,  Gertrude Norman appears in the cast and it was likely directed by James Young Deer.

Original music scores composed and performed by John Mucci!


NOSFERATU starring Max Schreck, Gustav von Wangenheim, Greta Schroder and Alexander Granach. Directed by F.W. Murnau. The first and quite possibly the greatest screen version of Dracula, "Nosferatu" follows the story of a real estate agent who is sent to close a deal at the castle of a client residing in the wilds of Transylvania. The client, it turns out, is a nightmarish vampire who attacks the agent and then proceeds to spread horror and death throughout the land in his pursuit of his victim's innocent wife. Made without the consent of Bram Stoker's (the author of "Dracula") estate, this legendary film was mired in litigation and, consequently, nearly lost forever. This is the Essex Films version of the film, made from the original master print with original translations and titles by Bob Lee. Original music score composed and performed by Stuart Oderman.

UN CHIEN ANDALOU  (Le Chien Andalou/The Andalusian Dog) starring Simone Mareuil and Pierre Batcheff. If you find a severed hand in the street, is it OK to poke it with a stick? The creation of Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali, this surreal film is the groundbreaking landmark among avant garde motion pictures. Having virtually no plot, it presents a series of images and vignettes that are alternately funny, provocative and disturbing. Most famous, perhaps, for a scene in which an eye is slit with a razor. Music score compiled and produced by Bob Lee.


METROPOLIS starring Gustav Frohlich, Brigitte Helm, Rudolf Klein-Rogge and Alfred Abel. Directed by Fritz Lang. An outstanding motion picture portrayal of life in the future as envisioned by Fritz Lang and Thea von Harbou. Full of amazing sets and imaginative special effects, METROPOLIS tells the story of the privileged leaders of the city and the monotonous, dangerous and burdensome daily life of the repressed workers. When the mad inventor, Rotwang, creates a robot to replace the living workers, the master of Metropolis directs the robot to wreak havoc among them. Our version is the 94 minute standard American release as presented by Essex Films, with original titles and translations created by Bob Lee. For years this version has been highly prized among the film collecting community and this is the only authorized DVD release. Original music score composed and performed by Stuart Oderman.

From a glimpse of the distant future, to a glimpse of the distant past...


"The Dinosaur and the Missing Link" (1915)
"R.F.D. 10,000 B.C." (1916)
"Prehistoric Poultry" (1916)

Long before his outstanding special effects work on such landmark films as THE LOST WORLD, KING KONG and MIGHTY JOE YOUNG, Willis O'Brien was already fascinated by animation and prehistoric life. In these three charming short comedies, we see cavemen interacting with dinosaurs and other primitive life through the use of O'Brien's stop-motion technique. A fascinating look at what was yet to come in the career of a true film pioneer. Presented with vintage jazz music scores..

and BURGLARS BOLD (1921)

WHEN THE CLOUDS ROLL BY starring Douglas Fairbanks, Kathleen Clifford, Herbert Grimwood, Frank Campeau and Ralph Lewis. Directed by Victor Fleming. Painfully superstitious Daniel Boone Brown (Doug) is, without his knowledge, being used as a human guinea pig by a crazy doctor who lives in the same New York apartment building. The doctor uses spies and confederates to drive him to the brink of madness. His miserable life improves upon meeting Lucette, who is just as superstitious as he is. When Doug is falsely implicated in a crooked business deal, Lucette leaves him for another man and Doug follows in desperate pursuit. Packed with lots of comedy, stunts and action, this is one of the very best Fairbanks features. Climaxed by an incredible flood scene on a giant scale, this is pure entertainment from beginning to end!

BURGLARS BOLD starring Eddie Boland, Ethel Broadhurst and The Vanity Fair Girls. Directed by Nicholas T. Barrows and produced by Hal Roach. A burglar on the loose, stolen jewels, mistaken identity and a misfired practical joke are all factors that come into play in this delightful, rare short from the Hal Roach Studios. At stake is a jeweled garter with "a four carat sapphire and over a half pint of rubies".

Original music scores composed and performed by Bernie Anderson!


with the famous VAN BEUREN scores and restored footage.

In terms of quality, presentation and content, this is the definitive DVD collection of the Van Beuren Mutuals! See highlights below.

"I just finished viewing the Chaplin Mutuals…I am very impressed with what you have done with them!!! I can’t thank you enough for preserving and restoring these super rare gems…I have never seen these films looking so good and correct…a REAL treat!!! These are the Mutuals I will be watching from now on!!!

 Thank you again for all your hard work…


Charles Chaplin was launched into world fame through his work at Mack Sennett's Keystone studio, followed by fourteen films for Spoor and Anderson's Essanay Film Manufacturing Company. In 1916 he signed with the Mutual Film Company to produce a series of twelve two reel comedies. His salary was an unprecedented $10,000.00 per week in addition to $150,000.00 as a bonus for simply signing the contract.

After their original release to great acclaim during 1916 and 1917, this group of films passed through the hands of several distributors for re-release until, in 1932, they were acquired by the Van Beuren Corporation for the sum of $60,000.00. At this point, now well into the sound era, new scores were recorded for the films by Gene Rodemich and Winston Sharples. The music was punctuated with an array of sound effects - often hilarious in themselves. Deriving from jazz, contemporary and classical pieces, these scores have become almost synonymous with the Chaplin Mutual film series.

The Chaplin Mutuals, individually and as a body of work, have long been considered a milestone of silent film comedy and acknowledged as among the greatest films ever made. Representing some of his finest work, Chaplin himself counted these films among his personal favorites.

Chaplin's classic stock company are all present and accounted for. Edna Purviance, the lovely leading lady, is joined by comedy troopers Albert Austin, Henry Bergman, Leo White, John Rand and James T. Kelly. Chaplin's greatest menace, the wonderful Eric Campbell, died tragically in a car accident at the age of 38 shortly after completing these films. The Chaplin Mutuals represent Campbell's complete body of work on screen. is proud to offer the Van Beuren Chaplin Mutuals, presented in the order of their release.

(May 15, 1916)

(June 12, 1916)

(July 10, 1916)

(August 8, 1916)

(September 4, 1916)

(October 2, 1916)

(November 13, 1916)

(December 4, 1916)

(January 22, 1917)

(April 16, 1917)

(June 17, 1917)

(October 22, 1917)


These are brand-new transfers, digitally mastered.

The films have been speed adjusted (as needed) to a pleasant, breezy pace, while preserving the pitch of the original sound tracks.

Missing titles have been restored and/or replaced in their correct position.

Brightness and contrast have been corrected wherever possible.

Missing footage has been restored to THE IMMIGRANT and EASY STREET.

This 3 DVD set is specially priced at $34.99.



BEFORE HOLLYWOOD, THE WAS FORT LEE, NJ  produced by Thomas Hanlon and narrated by Phil Tonken. Sound by Robert E. Lee. Not a silent film, but a tribute to the silent films produced in New Jersey during the pioneering days of cinema. Using clips, stills and complete short films, Fort Lee's unique contribution to the motion picture is chronicled in loving detail. The great stars, the directors and even the studios (some still standing at the time this film was made) are depicted in this film, created and produced in (where else?) New Jersey.

THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY starring Justus D. Barnes, "Bronco Billy" Anderson and Mary Snow. Directed by Edwin S. Porter and produced by the Edison Manufacturing Company. Shot in several locations in northern New Jersey, this landmark film is one of the earliest American narrative films. Still exciting after more than a century, it tells the story of a group of bandits who violently take over a train, blow up the safe and make off with the cash. Using film techniques that were innovations at the time, the film builds to a climax as the bandits are pursued and gunned down by the sheriff and his posse. Presented in a beautiful hand-colored version.


SPARROWS starring Mary Pickford, Gustav von Seyffertitz, Charlotte Mineau and Spec O'Donnel. Directed by William Beaudine.  Mary Pickford portrays Molly, the eldest of a group of orphans held captive by the evil Mr. Grimes on his farm surrounded by an alligator infested swamp. The quicksand means certain death for anyone foolish enough to venture too near. When a new baby arrives, it is soon discovered that Grimes is involved in the child's kidnapping plot. As the authorities begin to close in, Grimes decides that the only way to cover his tracks is to drown child in the deadly swamp. Mary and the children must escape to save the baby and themselves from this murderous villain!

Original theater organ score performed by Ray Brubacher.

THE VENTURES OF MARGUERITE: THE LURKING PERIL  starring Marguerite Courtot and Richard Purdon. A rare episode from the Kalem series. "The Wolf" is an enemy agent bent on the destruction of America. Possessing the secret code he needs to realize his plans, only the courageous Marguerite stands in his way. Action and adventure abound as The Wolf uses his evil cunning, poison gas bombs and a spark-spurting electrical torture device to get his way. Not a serial but a series, each installment of "The Ventures of Marguerite" tells a complete story on its own.

Original music scores composed and performed by John Mucci!


THE PENALTY starring Lon Chaney, Claire Adams, Ethel Grey Terry and Charles Clary. Directed by Wallace Worsley.  In one of his most chilling performances, Lon Chaney portrays Blizzard, a criminal mastermind, who is obsessed with destroying the life of a doctor who needlessly amputated his legs as a child. Blizzard sets his sights on Barbara, the doctor's innocent daughter, as the best route his revenge. Blizzard plots to loot the entire city of San Francisco using transplanted legs unwillingly provided by Barbara's fiancé! An absolute tour de force for Chaney, THE PENALTY is one of the earliest films to showcase his uncanny ability to transform his body and demeanor to suit a dark and evil character!

Original piano score composed and performed by Stuart Oderman.

THE THIEVING HAND  starring Paul Panzer. In this early Vitagraph short, a one-armed beggar is rewarded for a good deed with an amazing mechanical arm. He soon discovers, however, that his new arm has a mind of its own - a criminal mind, to be exact. The poor beggar soon finds the arm stealing from everyone within (pardon me) arm's reach! When his attempt to get rid of it at a pawn shop fails, he finds himself in jail where the arm promptly attaches itself to a new victim! Quite a strange and amusing little film.


THE LOST WORLD starring Bessie Love, Lewis Stone, Wallace Beery, Lloyd Hughes and Bull Montana. Directed by Harry O. Hoyt. A young reporter, in search of an exciting assignment, joins a rescue party to save a missing explorer from a remote and mysterious section of the Amazon. They soon find themselves stranded and menaced by giant prehistoric beasts and a mysterious ape-man!

An exciting and wonderful showcase for the amazing stop-motion techniques of Willis O'Brien who would later create KING KONG, SON OF KONG and MIGHTY JOE YOUNG,  among others. For more of O'Brein's pioneering special effects, see WILLIS O'BREIN PRIMITIVES above.

Though somewhat shorter than the 2000 restoration, our version retains the politically incorrect titles that were replaced for that release.

Original piano score composed and performed by Paul Norman.

WINSOR MCCAY AND HIS MOVING COMICS  starring Winsor McCay, John Bunny and George McManus. Directed by Winsor McCay and J. Stuart Blackton. Produced by the Vitagraph Company of America. In this amusing short Winsor McCay bets John Bunny, and other members of his gentlemen's club, that he can create drawings that will move on the motion picture screen. After a month of hard work and 4,000 drawings (all made by hand) he reveals his creation to the astonishment of his friends.

THE BELLS (1926)

THE BELLS starring Lionel Barrymore, E. Alyn Warren, Boris Karloff and Gustav von Seyffertitz. Directed by James Young. A village innkeeper in a quaint little town, Mathias (Barrymore) is a well-liked and contented candidate for Burgomaster. He is also, unfortunately, nagged by poverty and deeply in debt. One snowy Christmas night he finally succumbs to temptation and murders a traveling Polish peddler for his money. It's not long before the peddler's restless ghost and a mysterious, all-knowing mesmerist (Karloff) make Mathias' life a living nightmare. A wonderful Christmas tale of the supernatural with a terrific cast, superb settings and wonderful atmosphere. A delight!

HAVING THEIR PICTURE TOOK  starring Joseph Burke, Henry Blakemore, Katherine Griffith, Baby Early Gorman and Matty Roubert . Directed by Harry C. Matthews. One fine day a family takes an outing for the novel adventure of having a group portrait made. The poor photographer soon learns that this is no ordinary family, they're more like a destructive small army. The photo session quickly descends to a free-for-all leaving the photographer's studio in a shambles. Reminiscent of the later Our Gang comedy "Wild Poses", this is a fun little film with plenty of laughs.

Original music scores composed and performed by Jeff Rapsis.

THE CHEAT (1915)

THE CHEAT starring Fannie Ward, Sessue Hayakawa and Jack Dean. Directed by Cecil B. Demille. In a fit of greed, Mrs. Hardy steals $10,000.00 intended for the Red Cross and invests it in stock. She hopes to make a quick profit to buy herself some new gowns. When the stock fails, she is forced to replace the money with a loan from the evil, lecherous Hara Arakua, a wealthy ivory merchant. The debt is to be repaid not with money, but with Mrs. Hardy's virtue. When Arakua is found shot, the innocent Mr. Hardy is jailed for the crime. A landmark in silent film, THE CHEAT was definitely intended for an adult audience. It includes the famous scene in which the villain marks his victim with a hot branding iron!

THE CAMPUS CARMEN  starring Carole Lombard and Daphne Pollard . Directed by Alf Goulding. A Mack Sennett production. Featuring an early screen appearance by the wonderful Carole Lombard, this short comedy gem takes us to the campus of Sunnydale Girl's School where the girls, after a disastrous dorm room pillow fight, are forbidden to stage "Carmen" at the school. Rather than give in to defeat, they decide to put on the show in a rented theater. Needless to say, the performance does not go as planned.

Original piano scores composed and performed by Stuart Oderman.


Five of the Gang's Greatest and Funniest Silents!

FIRE FIGHTERS (1922) The earliest surviving Our Gang film. After discovering the local bootlegger's still, the gang decide to incorporate it into their new fire truck. Jackie is department chief because he was given a fireman's helmet in exchange for washing his face. All goes well until the gang try to extinguish a fire with high-octane hooch!

THE CHAMPEEN (1923) Sammy must raise a dollar to pay for the apples he snitched from the local grocer. To do this, he arranges a boxing match between long-time enemies Tuffy and Mickey. To keep them motivated, he tells each fighter that he's sure to win because the other has agreed to "lay down" in the second round! Re-made in 1929 as the early talkie, "Boxing Gloves".

LODGE NIGHT (1923) In order to attend an important meeting of their secret lodge, the Cluck Cluck Klams, the gang must devise clever means of escaping their evening chores. When a couple of crooks interrupt Joe's initiation, the gang find themselves in a high-speed chase with the police!

SUNDAY CALM (1923) The gang and their parents embark on a nice Sunday picnic. All is calm and serene if you don't count the broken wagon wheel, the missing kids, the runaway horse, the pig, the bear or the thunder storm!

UNCLE TOM'S UNCLE (1926) The gang stage a hilarious production of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" in Mickey's barn with Joe in the lead role. Things get difficult because Joe's mother continually interrupts the show to make him clean up the back yard. Soon a group of rowdies arrive and try to stop the show with fireworks and rotten vegetables while a goat (full of gunpowder) sends the audience and cast running for the hills!

Original music scores composed and performed by Ben Model!


Five of the Gang's Greatest and Funniest Silents!

TELLING WHOPPERS (1926) Tuffy, the town bully, is terrorizing the neighborhood and beating up every kid who crosses his path. When the gang finally have enough, they draw lots to see who will get rid of this pest. Joe and Farina are selected and fearfully go in search of their foe to teach him a lesson. When Tuffy turns up missing (and feared dead!), Joe and Farina are afraid they'll be hanged for murder!

SEEING THE WORLD (1927) Featuring James Finlayson, Stan Laurel and Charlie Hall. Fin, the gang's teacher, dreams of winning a world tour. But when he departs he discovers, to his dismay, that the gang are coming along, too! This leads to a series of adventures and mishaps in Italy, France and England. Part comedy and part travelogue, this is a unique entry in the Our Gang series.

TEN YEARS OLD (1927) Lacking a cake for his birthday, Joe decides to bake one of his own and invites the whole gang to celebrate. When he realizes that the gang are already attending wealthy Jackie's party, he brings his cake along to Jackie's mansion. Eating it proves to be a challenge as it's a flour-spurting mess filled with household items including soap and a mousetrap! The crazy cake idea would be used again in the talkie, "Birthday Blues".

BABY BROTHER (1927) Featuring Anita Garvin and Oliver Hardy. Coming from a wealthy family, Joe has everything a boy could want - except a baby brother! When the gang discover that he's offering three dollars, they scour the neighborhood to find him one!

THE SMILE WINS (1928) Farina and his mother run a mule-powered laundry business. When his mother falls ill, the mean money lender threatens to foreclose on their house. When Farina enlists the gang's help, they decide drilling for oil is the best way to raise the money needed for bills and medicine. Long considered a lost film, this is a rare treat for Our Gang fans!

Original music scores composed and performed by Ben Model!



THE CAT AND THE CANARY starring Laura La Plante, Creighton Hale, Tully Marshall, Flora Finch, Martha Mattox, Lucien Littlefield and Arthur Edmund Carewe. Directed by Paul Leni. Twenty years after the death of wealthy Cyrus West, who was driven to the point of insanity by greedy relatives, his potential heirs gather for the reading of his will. A creepy old mansion, ghosts, a homicidal maniac, hidden treasure and murder! These classic ingredients and a stellar cast make this gem one of the landmarks (along with “The Phantom of the Opera and “the Man Who Laughs”) that established Universal Studios as filmdom’s home of the macabre. With “Dracula”, “Frankenstein” and dozens more to follow, the legacy would continue for decades. Chills, shocks and thrills with a healthy dose of comedy! Music score composed and performed by Stuart Oderman.

HAUNTED SPOOKS starring Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis, Wallace Howe, William Gillespie and Ernest Morrison. Directed by Alf Goulding and Hal Roach. Yet more spooky fun as Mildred inherits an old mansion provided she and her husband reside in it for one year. The fact that she has no husband is only a minor hurdle as her lawyer quickly recruits a heartbroken and suicidal Harold for the job. Rumors of the mansion being haunted and the appearance of ghosts soon make it a rocky honeymoon for the newlyweds! It was during the production of this short that Harold almost lost his life in an explosion that nearly blinded him and ultimately cost him part of his right hand. Upon close observation, the special glove he used to disguise his missing fingers can be seen in some scenes, while his hand is uninjured in others.


Spanning boxing’s golden era from 1919 to the 1940’s, this DVD contains highlights from some of the greatest bouts of the 20th century. Featuring the greatest fighters ever to enter the ring, the cast of characters reads like a who’s who of boxing legends. You’ll see bouts with Jack Dempsey, Joe Louis, Kid Chocolate, Gene Tunney, Max Schmeling, Jess Willard, Jersey Joe Walcott, Jack Sharkey and Benny Leonard – to name just a few. Here’s a unique look at boxing’s renowned greats in action! A terrific and exciting evening’s entertainment!


THE FORBIDDEN CITY starring Norma Talmadge, Thomas Meighan, Michael Rayle, E. Alyn Warren, L. Rogers Lytton and Reid Hamilton. Directed by Sidney Franklin. Lovely Norma Talmadge plays a dual role in this romantic drama. In an effort to regain his good will, a Chinese mandarin promises the Emperor the hand of his daughter in marriage. The unfortunate mandarin, however, does not know that his daughter has been secretly married to an American and that she already carries his child. A film that will be considered more controversial today than when it was made, THE FORBIDDEN CITY addresses the subjects of race, mixed marriage and social injustice. Original music score composed and performed by Ben Model!

SECRETS OF HOLLYWOOD starring Mae Busch, Tom Herbert, Luana Walters and George Cowl. Directed by George M. Merrick. A sound film that features highlights from earlier silents. While at the studio, Mae and her Hollywood friends explore her collection of stills. They reminisce about movies from yesteryear as the stills come to life. A rare, quirky film that features scenes from THE BUSHER (1919), HAIRPINS (1920), THE ROOKIE’S RETURN (1920), THE SOUL OF THE BEAST (1923), THE MARRIAGE CHEAT (1924) and BARBARA FRIETCHIE (1924).


JUDITH OF BETHULIA starring Blanche Sweet, Henry B. Walthall, Mae Marsh, Robert Harron, Kate Bruce and Lillian Gish. Directed by D.W. Griffith. In this, Griffith’s first feature film, Blanche Sweet portrays Judith, an attractive, devout widow. When the walled city of Bethulia is attacked by an invading Assyrian army, the city’s supply of food and water are cut off, leaving the citizens within the walls to die of hunger and thirst. To liberate her people and end their suffering, Judith conceives a daring plan to seduce and kill Holofernes, the Assyrian General. A true landmark in the history of the motion picture, JUDITH OF BETHULIA showcases Griffith’s remarkable skill in directing high drama as well as his brilliant staging of elaborate battle scenes, talents he would later magnificently display in THE BIRTH OF A NATION and INTOLERANCE.

THE GRIT OF THE GIRL TELEGRAPHER starring Anna Q. Nillson, Guy Coombs, Hal Clements and Miriam Cooper. Directed by J.P. McGowan. A Kalem production filmed in New Jersey, USA. Betty is the train station telegraph operator in the small town of Oreland. A new tenant in her boarding house turns out to be Smoke Up Smith, a notorious car thief. When Betty discovers his identity and attempts his capture, Smith makes a run for it by stealing a train. A terrific little short with plenty of thrills, local scenery and a train chase climax!

Original music scores composed and performed by John Mucci!


THE WHITE SISTER starring Lillian Gish, Ronald Colman, Gail Kane and Juliette La Violette. Directed by Henry King. The beautiful Angela Chiaromonte is disinherited and left homeless through the machinations of her cruel, jealous half-sister. With the help of her friend, Madame Bernard, she establishes a small school and re-unites with her sweetheart, the dashing captain Giovanni Severini. While on an expedition in Africa, Giovanni is attacked and believed dead prompting Angela, in her grief, to take her vows and become a nun. When Giovanni returns, Angela must choose between God and the man she loves

Shot on location in Italy and Algeria and lavishly produced, "The White Sister" is Lillian Gish's first starring role after leaving D.W. Griffith. It was produced by the same company and director who brought Richard Barthelmess (another Griffith alumni) lasting fame in "Tol'able David".

Presented with an original music score composed and performed by Stuart Oderman.

and NAKED HANDS (1916)

HELL'S HINGES starring William S. Hart, Clara Williams, Jack Standing and Alfred Hollingsworth. Directed by Charles Swickard. Recently ordained, the Reverend Robert Hensley is a weak and selfish young man, utterly unfit for the calling that his devout mother has persuaded him to follow. The church leaders decide to send him west to establish a church, where the people live simply and close to God. His sister, Faith, decides to join him to see that he is comfortably settled.

The reverend's destination turns out to be Placer Center, also known as Hell's Hinges. The town is ruled by Silk Miller, owner of the local saloon, and the outlaw, Blaze Tracy, who agree that neither law nor religion should ever come to the town. After meeting Faith, Blaze falls in love and turns to religion while Silk, with the help of the dance hall girls and liquor, corrupts the young reverend and sets the town on a path to destruction!

Produced on a grand scale, this is the quintessential W.S. Hart western with plenty of action, breathtaking  photography and splendid scenery. It also marks one of the very first screen appearances of John Gilbert who can be seen as an extra.

MAKING OF BRONCHO BILLY starring G.M. "Broncho Billy" Anderson, Harry Todd and Brinsley Shaw. Directed by G.M. Anderson. Newly arrived in a rough western town, Billy, a milk-drinking tenderfoot, soon becomes the target of the local cowboys who bully him at every turn. In frustration, Billy buys a cowboy outfit and teaches himself to use a gun. It isn't long before he's ready to seek his revenge.

NAKED HANDS starring G.M. "Broncho Billy" Anderson, Ruth Saville and Rodney Hildebrand. Directed by G.M. Anderson. Gold miner, Billy Adair, is a hard-working man who worships his young wife, Edith. She, unfortunately, is bored and disappointed with life out west and soon falls for the charms of an old flame, Arthur Stanton, who is visiting on business from New York. The two decide to run away together and return east. Billy, though crushed, decides not to pursue the couple. But he vows that if Edith should come to any harm, he would finish Stanton with his "naked hands".

Original music scores composed and performed by Bernie Anderson!


starring Douglas Fairbanks, Marguerite De La Motte, Noah Beery, Robert McKim, Charles Hill Mailes and Snitz Edwards. Directed by Fred Niblo. Zorro, hero of the poor and oppressed! Zorro, champion of the weak and downtrodden! Zorro, mysterious masked swordsman who appears from nowhere and can outduel any challenger! Douglas Fairbanks IS the original Zorro in this, one of his most famous, action-packed and entertaining films. A showcase for his charm and amazing athletic talents, Doug plays a dual role as the rich and foppish Don Diego Vega, a disappointment to his father and a miserable failure at love, who secretly becomes the courageous fighter of injustice and champion to those in need.

This is the breakthrough film for Fairbanks, forever establishing his persona as the dashing, energetic hero. A role he would embrace throughout the rest of his silent film career. A dazzling performance!

SHOOTIN' MAD starring G.M. "Broncho Billy" Anderson, Joy Lewis, Fred Church and E.A. Whitting. Directed by G.M. Anderson. Pretty Mary and her father are new arrivals in the lawless western town of Bear Gulch. Desiring Mary for himself, evil saloon owner, Ace High Cowan, has her father murdered and frames Billy for the crime. With Billy and her father out of the way, Cowan can carry out his wicked schemes on defenseless Mary! With lots of gun-play and action, this is a top notch Bronco Billy western.

Original music scores composed and performed by John Mucci!



HUMAN HEARTS starring House Peters, Russell Simpson, Gertrude Claire, Edith Hallor and Mary Philbin . Directed by King Baggot. The quiet life of the village blacksmith is turned upside down when a scheming woman from the city weds him with the plan to steal his inheritance, his young brother suffers an accident that leaves him with the mind of a child and his father is murdered. On one hand a light, picturesque depiction of rural life. On the other, a fast-paced atmospheric melodrama. A terrific, riveting film and a true rarity!

Original music score composed and performed by Stuart Oderman.

THREE FABULOUS EXCERPTS Lots of fun in a small package, we are treated to three of the most memorable scenes of the silent era! First we have the exciting duel scene from "Scaramouche" (1923) with Ramon Novarro, Lewis Stone and Alice Terry. Next we have the famous galley sequence and part of the sea battle scene from "Ben-Hur" (1925) with Novarro and Frank Currier. The final scene is the mightiest of all - Belshazzar's feast from D.W. Griffith's "Intolerance". Featuring the "mile long' set with the Denishawn Dancers, Constance Talmadge, Douglas Fairbanks (in beard), Elmo Lincoln, Seena Owen and Alfred Paget.

Original music scores composed and performed by John Mucci!


DON Q SON OF ZORRO starring Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Astor, Donald Crisp, Warner Oland and Jean Hersholt . Directed by Donald Crisp. Fairbanks was never better than in this exciting sequel to "The Mark of Zorro"! When the whip wielding Don Q is falsely accused of murdering the Archduke, he must escape the authorities and set out to prove his innocence. The trecherous Don Fabrique holds the key. A thrilling adventure filled with Fairbanks' trademark action sequences and breathtaking stunts. What a cast!

Original music scores composed and performed by John Mucci!


DR. JEKYLL AND MR HYDE starring John Barrymore, Martha Mansfield, Brandon Hurst, Charles Lane, Nita Naldi and Louis Wolheim . Directed by John S. Robertson. Shot in New York between Barrymore's Broadway appearances in "The Jest" and "Richard III", this is a faithful adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's novella about the good and evil natures that co-exist within man. The charitable and idealistic Dr. Jekyll, after being tempted by the dubious pleasures to be found in an immoral life, creates a tonic that separates the good and evil within him, becoming the monstrous Mr. Hyde. It isn't long before Jekyll loses control of his transformations, resulting in murder and horror. A superb and atmospheric production with fine performances all around. Look for Walter Long in a tiny, uncredited role!

LOOKING FOR SALLY (1925) starring Charley Chase, Katherine Grant and Noah Young. Directed by Leo McCarey. Another film that deals with the subject of identity - this time mistaken! Upon his return from Europe, the fondest wish of Charley's parents is that he marry his childhood sweetheart, Sally Kavanaugh. The two, who haven't seen each other in years andmistake each other at the dock. This leads to a wild ride of confusion with Charley being pursued by a cop, a suspicious detective and being mistaken for a lunatic!

Original music scores composed and performed by Stuart Oderman!


HIS PEOPLE starring , Rudolph Schildkraut, Rosa Rosanova, George J. Lewis, Arthur Lubin, Edgar Kennedy, Blanche Mehaffey and Virginia Brown Faire . Directed by Edward Sloman. The trials and tribulations of an impoverished Jewish family living in a New York ghetto. The proud father disowns one son, a prize fighter, only to be denied by his other son, a successful attorney. A true rarity with plenty of laughs and tears and an exceptional performance by Rudolph Schildkraut.

HER HEART'S DESIRE (1909) starring Bessie Eyton and Wheeler Oakman. A Selig production. Pressured by her overbearing mother, Carolyn is forced to marry a cruel and hateful cad. After running away to the countryside, can she find true love with a lowly shepherd? Another rare, early gem. Beautifully shot and comparable to the work of D.W. Griffith during this period.

Original music scores composed and performed by Ben Model!

and SOLD AT AUCTION (1923)

MANHANDLED starring Gloria Swanson, Lilyan Tashman, Tom Moore, Ian Keith, Arthur Housman and Frank Morgan. Directed by Allan Dwan. Poor Tessie McGuire is a working girl trying to make her way in the big city. She must navigate the trials of the New York subway system and do battle with her frantic customers at Tasman's department store. She make a hit when she snags an invite to a posh party and embarks on adventures that include becoming an artist's model and posing as a Russian Countess! A pleasing and energetic romp, this is one of Gloria Swanson's very best comedies!

Original piano score performed by Paul Norman!

SOLD AT AUCTION (1923) starring Snub Pollard and James Finlayson. As a baby, Snub is left abandoned in a basket on a stranger's front stoop. Twenty five years later, he's still living in the basket! Snub gets a job helping an auction house sell off their merchandise. They have a large selection of brass knuckles and blackjacks. Snub's job is to demonstrate how these handy items are used -- on him! When Finlayson goes on vacation, Snub and his pals accidentally sell off his furniture. Now Snub's job is to get it all back. This film is absolutely hilarious! The action is almost impossible to describe! It's jammed with comedy, stunts and amazing special effects for the day. A real winner!

Original music score composed and performed by Ben Model!


HOMECOMING starring Lars Hanson, Gustav Frolich and Dita Parlo. Directed by Joe May. One of the last great silents to come from the legendary German UFA Studio. Richard (Lars Hanson - THE WIND) and Karl (Gustav Frolich - METROPOLIS) are German soldiers who are taken prisoner during the first world war. Forced to man a Siberian ferry together, Richard relates endless stories of his beloved wife and home until Karl knows them all nearly by heart. They become separated during a desperate escape and Karl, who works his way to freedom, becomes intimately acquainted with Anna - Richard's wife!

FRANCE AND THE GREAT WAR Warfare and weaponry are captured on the battlefield by the camera. Go aloft in a French warplane during a dog fight in real time - see the enemy plane crash and capture! New weapons are discovered, confiscated and demonstrated! An experimental water plane is put through it's paces! Real battlefield action with guns and cannon! Prisoners are searched, questioned and processed into concentration camps! This is a a fascinating look at raw, uncensored footage from the Great War!

Original music score composed and performed by Jeff Rapsis!

Classic Silent Double Feature


THE WIZARD OF OZ starring Larry Semon, Dorothy Dwan, Oliver Hardy, Mary Carr, Josef Swickard, Charles Murray, Spencer Bell and Frank Alexander. Directed by Larry Semon. Co-written by Semon and L. Frank Baum, Jr. This is a delightful romp based upon the characters created by L. Frank Baum in 1900 with his classic book, "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz". Baum himself would form his own motion picture production company to produce Oz films at the beginning of the 20th century, some of which are available from Reelclassicdvd. In this version, Dorothy is the rightful heir to the throne of Oz, but the evil Prime Minister Kruel, Ambassador Wikked and Lady Vishuss, plot to keep Oz and her citizens under the thumb of their corrupt government. Can Dorothy, with the help of the Scarecrow (Semon), the Tin Woodsman (Hardy) and the Cowardly Lion (Bell), wed the handsome Prince Kynd and ascend to the throne?

A charming story with plenty of gags and Semon's trademark stunts on a grand scale!

THE YANKEE CLIPPER starring William Boyd, Junior Coghlan, Elinor Fair, Walter Long, Louis Payne and John Miljan. Directed by Rupert Julian. England and the United States compete for the lucrative tea trade by racing their fastest, most modern ships on a journey from China to Boston. The  prize is not only the tea trade, but the winner takes the loser's ship as well. Captain Hal Winslow (Boyd), protects Lady Jocelyn Huntington from marriage with a cowardly villain, encounters a typhoon, discovers stowaways and battles a mutiny! Running 52 minutes, our version is made from a lovely, rare, vintage Kodascope with original tints.

Original music scores composed and performed by John Mucci!


HEARTS OF THE WORLD starring Lillian Gish, Robert Harron, Dorothy Gish, Josephine Crowell, Kate Bruce and Ben Alexander. Directed by D.W. Griffith, photographed by G.W. Bitzer. Griffith's third great feature following BIRTH OF A NATION and INTOLERANCE, HEARTS OF THE WORLD is the story of a boy, a girl and their families as they are thrust into the horror and violence of the Great War. Masterfully directed and photographed, Griffith again works his magic in presenting scenes of war on a grand scale, balanced by gentle scenes of innocence, humor and family life. Wonderfully acted by stars Lillian Gish, Bobby Harron and the Griffith stock company with truly evil portrayals by George Siegmann and a young Erich von Stroheim. Look for Noel Coward in his very first screen appearance!

Complete and running a full 122 minutes, this is definitely not the poor quality, jumpy, step-printed version commonly available elsewhere. This is a brand-new digital transfer from a lovely print that derives from Griffith's own materials as released by Essex Films.

Presented with a wonderful new score by Ben Model, HEARTS OF THE WORLD is a great and neglected masterpiece!


THE HAUNTED CASTLE starring Arnold Korff, Lulu Kyser-Korff, Lothar Mehnert, Paul Bildt, Olga Tschechowa, Paul Hartman and Julius Falkenstein. Written by Carl Meyer.  Directed by F.W. Murnau. A hunting party gathers at the castle of Lord von Vogelschrey for what they think will be a few days rest and recreation. This all changes with the arrival of an uninvited guest, Count Johann Oetsch, who has been recently accused of killing his brother! Soon mystery, intrigue and unexplained disappearances take over as the secret of a murder is unraveled.

Full of atmosphere and a sense of claustrophobic dread, this film can be seen as a warm-up to Murnau's great vampire masterpiece of the following year, "Nosferatu"!

Original music score composed and performed by John Mucci!

LIGHTS OUT: THE HIDDEN STAIRCASE starring Clarence Derwent, Elfrida Derwent, Sarah Burton, John Griggs, Klock Ryder and Jack LaRue. Diected by Kingman T. More. Our sinister host introduces the story of a team of famous historians who visit the creepy old home of the Bosworth family to research the letters that passed between American Civil War era general William Tecumseh Sherman and a Bosworth ancestor. During the night, they discover that a simple closet is not what it seems and a passage is found that leads to a mysterious trunk, a bloody dress and murder!

Originally aired on February 13, 1950, this is an episode from the series "Lights Out", the TV version of the famous radio broadcasts of the same name. This DVD is digitally transferred from what is likely the only surviving Kinescope, once owned by John Griggs, who appears as Eliot in our story.

and GREENSTREAM (Blue Grass, Virginia) (2018)

TOL'ABLE DAVID starring Richard Barthelmess, Gladys Hulette, Ernest Torrence and Marion Abbott. Directed by Henry King. Shot largely on location in Blue Grass, Virginia, "Tol'able David" is one of the most famous and best-loved films of the entire silent era. Originally intended to be directed by D.W. Griffith (who decided against it), the director's job eventually went to Henry King who went on to create a true masterpiece. Telling the story of David and Goliath against a rural American setting, young David Kinemon must overcome the crippling of his brother and the death of his father to gain the strength and understanding of what it means to be a man. Richard Barthelmess and (the adorable) Gladys Hulette are pitch perfect as the young romantic couple. The true standout performance, however, is delivered by Ernest Torrence as the brutal, mindless murderer, Luke Hatburn. Even after nearly a century, his portrayal in this film is a frightening experience. An absolute classic of the silent cinema, Tol'able David is an unforgettable motion picture!

Original music score composed and performed by John Mucci!

GREENSTREAM (Blue Grass, Virginia) Over two lovely summer days, the intrepid Reelclassicdvd crew (consisting of one) visited the beautiful town of Blue Grass, Virginia - the site of many of the locations immortalized in "Tol'able David". Using the stills and video captured, we've assembled this mini-documentary which captures the rural atmosphere and rugged beauty of Blue Grass in Virginia's Western Highlands. Several scenes from "Tol'able David" are featured along with comparison shots showing the locations as they appear today. There's even a video tour of The Hotel Monterey (later The Highland Inn) at which several of the cast and crew lived during filming. The scene of mystery, tragedy and scandal, the hotel has long had the reputation of being haunted.


THE SQUARE DEAL MAN starring William S. Hart, Joseph J. Dowling, Mary McIvor, Darrell Foss, Milton Ross and Mary Jane Irving. Directed by William S. Hart. While living her posh life with relatives, young Virginia Ransome is informed that her father, wealthy rancher Colonel Byrde Ransome, has been murdered while gambling in a saloon. She in unaware that Jack O' Diamonds (Hart), a reformed gambler with an adopted baby daughter, has won the deed to her father's ranch and that he has been accused of her father's murder! A solid story with plenty of intrigue, action, romance and humor. This is a wonderful period western and certainly one of Hart's best. Thoroughly entertaining, it's easy to see why William S. Hart was one of the biggest stars of the silent era! Although the best available materials were used for this release, the overall visual quality is only fair. The movie, however, is perfectly watchable and any quality issues will not interfere with your enjoyment of this wonderful film.

Original music score composed and performed by John Mucci!

THE LIFE OF AN AMERICAN COWBOY Starring G.M. "Broncho Billy" Anderson. Directed by Edwin S. Porter. The circumstances concerning the production of this pioneering early western are a little sketchy. The reputed year of its release varies between 1906 and 1908 and the filming location has been listed to be either New Jersey, Staten Island or even Illinois! What we do know is that it was an Edison production directed by Edwin S. Porter and, among the relatively large cast only Anderson has been identified, repeating his forced "gunfire dance" from "The Great Train Robbery". As depicted in the film, the life of an American cowboy consists largely of having a few drinks at the saloon (even the horses are welcome at the bar!), greeting arriving guests from the stagecoach and staging riding and roping exhibitions. All is fun and games until the stagecoach is robbed and a young lady kidnapped!

Original music score composed and performed by Stuart Oderman!

DEALING FOR DAISY starring William S. Hart, Rhea Mitchell and J. Barney Sherry. Directed by William S. Hart. This is an odd and interesting version of "Mr. Silent Haskins" which has been renamed and furnished with humorous hand-written intertitles. When young Patricia Miller arrives to claim the raunchy western saloon left to her by her father, the townsfolk decide it's just not fitting for an unmarried woman to own a saloon. That's when Jim Black, the local crooked card sharp, decides he should be the lucky groom! Patricia and Haskins (Hart), however, fall in love and have other plans. Soon a tense card game is underway to decide which man will claim Patricia's hand! Far from politically correct by today's standards, this little western short nonetheless features some real drama with fine performances by the entire cast!


THE VANISHING AMERICAN starring Richard Dix, Lois Wilson, Noah Beery, Bert Woodruff and Malcolm McGregor. Directed by George B. Seitz. The screen's mighty tribute to the Native American, first lord of the western continent. Richard Dix is Nophaie, the hero and protector of his tribe, who fight a never ending battle for their pride and their land against the corrupt agents of the US government. Set against the gorgeous background of the chasms and gorges of northern Arizona, THE VANISHING AMERICAN is a sweeping western saga boasting a cast of 10,000 Native Americans and 100 principals. A great monument of the silent era, this film is a true epic of the American west.

Original music score composed and performed by Stuart Oderman!

THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY  starring "Broncho Billy" Anderson, Justus D. Barnes, Walter Cameron and Marie Murray. Directed by Edwin S. Porter. Recognized as the screen's first narrative film drama, THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY is justly accepted as a true landmark of motion picture history, giving birth to the modern cinema. Shot in rural New Jersey more than a century ago, it tells the story of a deadly train robbery executed by a group of desperate bandits, their daring escape and the ensuing gun battle with the sheriff and his posse. This unique version of the film was produced in the 1930's with a music and effects track and (sometimes humorous) intertitles that illustrate the action and point out interesting facts about the film.

WHY WORRY? (1923)

WHY WORRY? starring Harold Lloyd, Jobyna Ralston, Wallace Howe, John Aasen, James Mason, Leo White and Gaylord Lloyd. Directed by Fred Newmeyer. Produced by Hal Roach. Harold Van Pelham is a wealthy, completely self absorbed hypochondriac who, along with his faithful nurse and manservant, travels to the tropic island of Paradiso in search of a cure for his imagined ailments. Upon arrival, he is completely oblivious to the violent revolution that is taking place around him until he is thrown in prison where he encounters a menacing giant with a toothache! A truly wonderful lightening paced feature comedy, this is one of Harold's very best! Harold married his former leading lady, Mildred Davis, during production and this is his first film with his lovely new co-star Jobyna Ralston. During production Harold and Jobyna took time out on the set for some fun with the OUR GANG kids in their film, "Dogs of War" - available on the Reelclassicdvd release "Festival of Silent Comedy Volume Six".

A STRONG REVENGE starring Ford Sterling, Mabel Normand and Mack Sennett. Produced and directed by Mack Sennett. Lovely Mabel is giving a party and the grocer (Sennett) and the shoemaker (Sterling), rivals for Mabel's affections, are both invited! During the party, their mutual animosity comes to a head with the help of some very, very stinky cheese!

WIFE AND AUTO TROUBLE starring William Collier, Blanche Payson, Joseph Belmont, Alice Davenport and Mae Busch. Directed by Dell Henderson. Produced by Mack Sennett. Poor henpecked hubby is treated like a dog in his own home. Constantly berated by his wife and her mother while his snooty brother-in-law is treated like a prince. His only respite is his office where he can carry on a cozy little affair with his secretary, for whom he plans to buy a new car. Due to it's horribly timed delivery, however, hubby must pretend the car is actually a gift for his wife, which doesn't please his blackmail minded secretary at all. One narrow escape and close call lead to another as the Kestone Kops become involved in one of the wildest Sennett chases ever filmed!

THE CAKE EATER starring Will Rogers Billy Engle, Marie Mosquini, Patsy O'Byrne and Grace Woods. Directed by J.A. Howe. Produced by Hal Roach. Will and his fellow jokester ranch hands are upset when they learn the ranch is being sold to a pair of strait laced spinsters. They're afraid the new owners will put a damper on their fun and games and they'll be forced to actually do some work for a change. To make matters worse, the pair are instantly smitten with Will who has to endure their unwelcome affections and their even less welcome cooking!

Original music scores composed and performed by John Mucci!

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